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One of the best things that I love about Vingle is that real people can turn to each other for real advice!
A Vingler, who wished to remain anonymous sent me a note requesting some ideas on shoes for a high school dance. Being the shoe addict that I am, I was THRILLED that she asked me for advice and wanted my opinion.
In my research for something chic, cheap and stylish, I came upon Dior's Summer catwalk pumps. Clearly, these weren't her style or in her price range, which is fine. But these shoes caught my attention because they're so unexpected. The profile and silhouette of these aren't your typical sexy heel.
In the comment section of another card, I can't remember who's, I was bemoaning the idea of close toe shoes. I prefer open toe sandals. And while all that is very true, I am truly stunned by these calf skin Dior pumps. CLOSE TOES!!!
The black. The White. The blushy hue. Everything about it is spectacular. I am having a hard time explaining why I love these so much.
What do you think of these?! With the right outfit, these would be magic on your feet!
glad you approve of the destination @myaffairwith
@marshalledgar hahaha suck his bank accounts dry 馃槀 Oh Belize, nice choice.
Totally @myaffairwith agreed. these are not meant for high school at all. this is the show that you wear when you empty your husbands bank account and promptly board a jet stream for Belize.
They are nice but it would depend on what she's wearing and I'm kind of thinking these are a bit casual for high school dance. See the thing is, I would wear this when I'm going out with friends or family in the evening on a Friday or Saturday night under a nice summer dress OR business casual.
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