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5 K-Pop Idol "Friendship Goals"
Alright guys, so I am doing yet another article for the website and this time I want you guys to list: k-pop idol friends that you think have the best friendships, and why. It can be anyone you want it to be, as long as they're kpop idols (obviously lol). Male/Male, Female/Female, Female/Male, okay? ^.^
The last article had so many hits/views so I want to thank you all for your contribution once again! (I love the Vingle Kpop Community!!!) The article will be posted next week so you have plenty of time if you need to think about it first.
Your comments will be consent that I have permission to use your answers in my article and you will receive full credit.
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I think like Youngjae and Daehyun from B.A.P have a seriously great friendship. And Seungyoun and Yibo from UNIQ, they are just so damn goofy with eachother, Seungyoun seriously brings out Yibo's silly side. The young ones have definitely got to stay together lol they goof around in a way that makes it obvious how close they are. I mean, Seungyoun hit Yibo in the *ahem* on purpose and he still forgave him, after he was done being in pain. And after Seungyoun finished laughing his ass off. That'
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@MadAndrea cont. - That's a true best friend. Laughing at his friend in pain, pain that he caused. Definitely strong relationship lol XD
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hyunA and hyungseun spelled his name wrong but oh well THE FRIENDSHIP VOALS BETWEEEN A GUY AND A GIRL IS HYUNA AND HYUNGSENG BRUHHHH
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I don't know any girl/girl relationships... but for guy/guy... Seungri and GD. They've been through a lot and anytime they're around each other they have so much fun. Seungri even cried for GD when his big scandal happened! I love those two goofballs. For girl/guy I really only know CL and GD but they fit so well! Their energies together are amazing and they both have so much swagger. Their friendship is basically iconic.
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