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My high school teach once said, the friends you have now may not be the people you hang out with in a couple of years. College is where you'll find your true friends. I don't want to agree to this because because some of my closest friends are made before entering college (one from elementary, one from high school). However, the friends I made after entering college were the ones I actually share more things without the fear of being judged. My sisters are exceptionally, we are BFFs since they day they were born. That's something I don't take for granted.
So, my question to all of you is, how do you define true friends or even best friends?
I think its a mix of truly being yourself but also that you genuinely want what is best for each other. When my friends hurt I hurt, when they're happy I'm happy. It's the same for them when I'm sad too!
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true friends to me is not because you share same interests, but you can get along together and always compromising on everything and accepted each other weakness.
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@sophiamor Those little things are important in a relationship. @atmi well said, I think compromising is key to a lasting friendship and even romance.
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