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Okay it's been a week and really the only question anyone has had was...
Why was Zico at the funeral and why was he all bandaged up?
I thought I made it pretty clear that the man was a psychopath. He had cameras in her house and always knew were she was. Even if Hobi had taken down all the cameras Zico could still keep tabs on her; he is crazy after all. Who do you think gave her the cell phone she uses. What can you do with cellphones? Track them. Have you ever heard of that one phrase a good bit of crazy ex boyfriend's use "If I can't have you then no one can." Yea he's killed before with his old job what is one more body even if it's the woman he loves. It's a perfect scenario; rent a box truck, tamper with the brakes, find her and run her over "accidentally". Jin was just collateral damage as was his own body. Like I said boy was mental.
@SugaOnTop No apologies needed. ^_^ Just the life of a reader. I enjoyed reading Lovely Nabi, and I'm excited for the next series you're writing.
omg!!!!!!! I didn't even think about that!
@Mightmuffin The ship sailed don't worry
@drummergirl691 sorry this time he snapped
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