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The call came three days later that you won the bid as set designer for the new History MV. You immediately shoot off a text to Jak.
JAK: The bid? WOOOO!!!! Time to celebrate bro!
YOU: I can’t believe it. I need to thank Ho Rim for the referral.
JAK: No worries, we’ll throw a party tonight and invite him. Unless you just want it to be you and me?
YOU: No, Jiyong and Ho Rim definitely need to be thanked.
JAK: Party it is! I’ll text Ji and it’ll be set up by dinner time. Congrats!
You stand up in the middle of the living room and do a little happy dance. Give a little squeal of delight and dance around some more. You call your parents in the US to let them know that you now have a job and aren’t just leeching off of Jak like they thought you would.
As soon as you hang up, your phone buzzes again.
JAK: All set. Ji and I will pick you up at 6.
YOU: Sounds great.
JAK: Oh and raid my closet. You are the guest of honor. ;)
Uh oh you think; then shrug. It doesn’t matter where they pick, you did good and it’ll be amazing to dress up and go out tonight. More buzzing…
HP: I hear congratulations are in order.
YOU: Kyungil. You didn’t have anything to do with this, did you?
HP: I placed my vote. The deciding factor was with the company rep and director.
HP: Would it have been so bad if I had?
YOU: We discussed this. Career wise I accomplish things on my own.
HP: #3 Not talented musically
YOU: What? I thought you called to congratulate me and you insult me also? What is your problem?
HP: Who said it was an insult? And You. You are my current problem.
HP: I suppose this means we will be seeing each other regularly while working on the MV.
YOU: I can be professional if you can, probably more so.
HP: Oh, I’m wounded. Any day of the week you’d like to compete with me, I’m game.
YOU: Thank you for the congratulations, I will see you at work.
HP: I will see you tonight.
YOU: You’re coming?!
HP: Why wouldn’t I? It’s my project and when Ji throws a party, it’s always a nuthang thing.
Jak has this great black lacy party dress that you’ve always loved. You pull it out of the closet and spend the whole day pampering yourself. By the time Jak and Jiyong pick you up, you not only look like a thousand bucks, you feel like it.
“Wow, [YN] you look gorgeous.”
“Thank you Jiyong. Is it okay that I borrow this Jak?”
“I told you anything girl, you look hot. I think there will be many men not able to keep their eyes off you tonight.”
You blush, “Yeah right.”
“I have to agree,” Jiyong states, “I know my friends. I think there is one in particular I’ll have to keep a leash on tonight.”
“I still think you are all delusional but let’s go!”
Jiyong has reserved a back room at one of the more exclusive restaurants. Food is buffet style and it is pay your own drinks. You look around in awe.
“Jiyong, you shouldn’t have. I’ll help you pay for this, I swear.”
He ducks his head in a giggle, Jak just shakes her head, “[YN] honestly? He likes doing this stuff; it makes him feel good to treat his friends.”
She leans over and then whispers, “And there is no way you or I could pay for this in a year.”
The party is in full swing; all of those that attend have come up and congratulated you. Ho Rim hands you another card with the name of his company’s HR person.
“When you are finished with this project, you might want to think about being represented. Give it some thought.”
After the first 45 minutes, you are still mingling and haven’t had a chance to eat anything. A plate shows up at your elbow, stacked with finger foods. A voice cuts in on your conversation,
“Can you excuse us a minute Tae? She really needs to eat something.”
You look over to see Kyungil standing there motioning for you to take the plate from him. He looks amazing. What is that American rock song? Every girl loves a sharp dressed man? Oh man, yep, so got that right. He smiles while you stare and pushes the plate at you again. You take the plate with a murmured ‘thank you’ and proceed to put a shrimp in your mouth.
“So,” he begins, “do you like what you see?”
You choke on the shrimp you were chewing. He takes the plate back from you and hands you a napkin to spit the shrimp out.
“What?” you manage to squeak.
He does a full turn, “I noticed you noticing. Like what you see?”
“Who doesn’t like what they see when they look at you?” You query back. “You’re an idol, isn’t it your job to look good?”
“Quite right. However, I don’t recall it being yours. I’ve seen that dress multiple times on Jak,” he says as he walks a circle around you. “I have to say, I’m appreciating it a lot more tonight.”
He stops directly in front of you,
“#5 so freaking fashionable.”
You roll your eyes and turn to walk away,
“Don’t run away from me again feisty.”
You turn back around,
“Walking away isn’t running and I don’t need to stand here and be insulted.”
He lowers his head and shakes it as he laughs.
“That was a compliment.”
“Seriously? Because it never sounds like one coming from you. I’m never sure what to think about what goes through your head.”
He steps into your personal space, “What goes through my head about you, would definitely send you running.”
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