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I'd like to suggest that your rehearsal dinner be a fabulous outing, where you get dressed up and make an effort to elevate the style and sophistication of the event, rather than a jeans, t-shirt and pizza night. Know what I mean?
So, to help out with this idea of mine (for you), take a look at this chic, effortless look in coral!
Hope you love!
Total cost: $2,069
Sleeveless Gathered-Waist Gown, Coral
Darling vintage pink swirl champagne flutes.
Rental: $1.75/each
$175 (for 100)
Eastern Dream Grand Earrings
Meridies Bracelet
Laura Ankle Wrap Heels
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The earrings and the sandals are gorgeous!!! And I love the color of the dress, not the price but the color and design is nice!!
2 years ago·Reply
soooooo glad you love it. the earrings are my favorite actually. lol
2 years ago·Reply
@marshalledgar mine too! And they can dressed up in so many ways. Plus i like how you added the glasses here. It's really adding shine to the whole look ( as I call it)
2 years ago·Reply
Im a huge fan of Samantha Wills. She's the earring designer @myaffairwith yeah, I wanted to add a bit more dimension to the Moodboard, which is why I added the vintage rentals of goblets. Otis and Pearl have all things BoHo and chic.
2 years ago·Reply
@marshalledgar oh nice!! I'll definitely keep these people in mind and especially Samantha Wills!!!
2 years ago·Reply