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Waifu Wednesday: Annie
Waifu Wednesday! Cause there's 40 minutes left in Wednesday for me! Today: Annie Leonheart of Shingeki no Kyojin fame. I'm leaving this as spoiler free as I can, so I'm not even doing Season 1 spoilers.
Still my favorite girl of AoT
SnK badass, and blonde bombshell
She's so cute
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she's pretty!
a year ago·Reply
interesting choice, haha. I don't know a whole lot of Annie fans
a year ago·Reply
@InVinsybll yep, she's my favorite of the main cast, even though she's underrated lol
a year ago·Reply
@GlitchTheRipper underrated? I would say she's pretty highly rated, considering how strong she has always been
a year ago·Reply
@InVinsybll true, but as far as the female cast goes, Mikasa or Sasha usually block Annie out. Once you get past them it's Hange love everywhere, but not much for Annie
a year ago·Reply