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THIS MAY CONTAIN SPOILERS!!!SO THOSE WHO HAVEN'T WATCHED IT.....YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!!! I finally got to this drama after finishing the other two before it.... Yes...maybe only watching it because Rain is in it.... sorry I am guilty -bows- Also because ToppDogg sing two osts for this drama! So I will always support my puppies!!! But wow...didn't think it would be sad.... I watched it because I thought it was going to be filled with laughs and embarrassing moments but the first episode was VERY emotional!!!! Made me cry so mom thought I was weird but comforted me without knowing why I was crying the Pacific ocean..... The characters are far....I love the idea they have with this....two men die those two men come back to the world of living in different bodies! -nods- This is going to be one hell of a trip! Maybe get rid of the blues I have from finishing Oh My Venus (should I review it as well it only took me three days to finish it all?) and The Scholar Who Walks The Night (amazing)..... Yeah that's it so far and I cant wait to see the rest of this series!!! I would recommend (if you are a Rain fan....I mean who isn't?) and a funny series heh! Sidenote: Going to start watching Descendants of the sun....can't ignore it anymore!!!
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sounds pretty legit