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*WARNING* My fellow Vinglers I Need Your Help to Figure Something Out
So you know how there is Kcon LA and Kcon New York right...Well I heard that Seventeen is going to be at one of them...but which one? And if they go to one of the Kcon will they go to the other Kcon or no. I need your guy's help to figure this out for my sake because it is literally KILLING ME . AND I AM SO SORRY IF YOU GUYS ARE MAD OR THINKING THAT IS A STUPID QUESTION THAT I AM ASKING AND FOR ME ASKING THIS DUMB QUESTION... BUT I NEED TO FIGURE THIS OUT... SO PLEASE comment down below and tell me... I am BEGGING YOU GUYS.
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yeah I'm pretty sure it was KCON NY
a year ago·Reply
(my childhood friend loves seventeen to death so she doesn't stop lol)
a year ago·Reply
@lizochoa I live in California too...and I'm very upset and crying 😭😭😭
a year ago·Reply
@lizochoa @aliendestina THANK YOU TO THE BOTH OF YOU, YOU HELPED ME A LOT 😘❤
a year ago·Reply
@DestinyMcCauley welcome ♥
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