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Chii - Chobits Chii is the probably the first character I think of when someone asks me "What's a waifu?"

Neko Girls

Why? Because they're Neko Girls. Pics: Valkyrie Crusade game, Neko Lucy, Ayakashi game(doesn't exist anymore), Kuro Hanekawa(Monogatari series), Eris, Capt Qoone, Melwin(a loli neko), Dr. Durel - Cat Planet Cuties

Angeloids- Soro no Otoshimono/Heaven's Lost Property

Each has their positives and negatives, but any of them would be a good choice. Ikaros-redhead, Astraea-blonde, Nymph- blue hair

Devil girls

Who doesn't love a bad girl? Pics: Momo, Lala, Nana Deviluke - To Love Ru series, Rias Gremory - Highschool DxD series

Oni Lum aka Lum-Chan - Urusai Yatsura

Lum is smoking hot and if you piss her off she'll electro shock you til you're smoking. too. From left-to-right: Ran, Ryuunosuke, Shinobu, Benten, and Oyuki. Ran is a former friend of Lum who wants revenge for her ruining her life. Ryuunosuke is a girl who behaves like a boy (because she was raised by her deranged father, who wanted a son). Shinobu is fairly normal, but she is capable of violence when she's angry. Benten and Oyuki are also Lum's friends. All five are NOT to be crossed under ANY circumstances, if you value your life!
Konjiki no Yami aka Golden Darkness - To Love series Yami is so cute it's hard to believe, & easy to forget, she's one of the most feared assassins in the universe.

(TIE) Miia & Centorea - Everyday Life with Monster Girls

Mila is young, cute, naive and fun to have around. She's also just a (lot) little possessive. But look at that piece of tail (lol). Centorea is young, cute, well meaning, galant, noble and top heavy. She would be great to take for a ride in the country. For those who prefer a little more in the back.

Moka - Rosario Vampire

Moka is seriously cute & I think anyone would be more them willing to "Kappu-chu" with her. Inner Moka is really good looking in a bad girl way. For your own safety, do not piss her off.

Eucliwood Hellscythe - Korewa Zombie series

Eucliwood is the ultimate loli, any time you can find a woman over 25-30 that still looks good as a loli, you should wife her. Since Eucliwood is a couple hundred years old and Royalty from Hell...
damn someone a bit of an overachiever lol
yesssss omg such a great card!!! I think @invinsybll will like it too ^^ I love darkness's hair so much I always forget how much I like it