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I just get the rush of satisfaction when I make sexy food.. beautiful food... that's all I care about... not the cooking not the in the middle procedure ... just the art and expressing myself through food .... the food. is just an extension of who I am...
You're right!!! ...Well cheers to a fellow cook :) ...I think the photos of your food are beautiful
@alywoah does that even matter ? I'm no better than you I'm just a simple cook. let's put all the titles aside . it's not about being as good as me or whatnot. the bottom core belief we share is what's stated above . if you love to cook that's awesome in its own right so much people don't really cook for themselves or enjoy cooking at all
thank you Aly. I'm humbled by your kind words
This is how I feel when I cook, but I am definitely no where near as talented as you are!
@alywoah 馃槉
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