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OTP Thursday: Shiwon & Yunjae

Obviously my OTP this week is Shiwon and Yunjae from Reply 1997!

I love that they beat each other up, but still love each other dearly.

Shiwon is rarely weak, can handle herself and stays true to what she believes in.
Yunjae just wants the best for her no matter what, even if it means his unhappiness.

This is my favorite drama of all time so I'm a leeeeeetle biased though ;D

Plus I will love In Guk forever and always :3

On a TV show he admitted to sort of liking Eunji and they made him CALL HER ON TV.


Who is your drama OTP?

Make a card about it and tag me OR leave them in the comments :D

This is a weekly event~
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I still need to watch it. X) I hope the drama was in post production at the time, because I can only imagine how awkward it was going to be to finish filming. I wonder if anything would have developed if Eun Ji wasn't put on the spot like that. 馃槅
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I also really loved this drama
2 years agoReply
I haven't watched this drama yet. Gonna watch it.
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@harmonico it's really good and Hoya is also really cute in this one
2 years agoReply
@lilbr0wneyes Great! I'll add it to my "to be watched" list! 馃槉馃槉
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