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Especially when you're reading manga in peace. :'I Today, there were these middle schoolers making such a big ruckus outside in the middle of the night and I live nearby am elementary school (of course middle schoolers would live next to a freaking elementary school) and this generation is pretty crazy if you know what I'm talking about!! ;-; Anime: FLCL © to @OtakuDemon10 for telling me the anime! c:< Thanks a bunch!
try obnoxious frat house right next door. ugh. btw I think the anime is FLCL, but I'm not sure
@OtakuDemon10 lol ok thanks anyways c: and I feel you; having your head elsewhere! xD
@koifries haven't actually seen it. I mean my roommate tried to show it to me, but my head was elsewhere. All I gathered was it's bizarre!
@OtakuDemon10 Thanks, dude! Sorry for replying late. :'I I heard that anime is hard to understand (according to the (my fave) otaku youtuber akidearest).. What's your opinion of the anime?