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Saitama (One punch man) is very powerful I'll definitely give him that...but his punches aren't all that strong if you put it all together and neither is he. I know what you're thinking "oh great, another saitama hater" and you're actually wrong. I think it's a great manga/anime i highly appreciated it all the way down to the concept. But as strong and great as he is....He's no Goku or Superman. If you want to debate it or give me evidence that proves otherwise feel free to I'm always open to new understandings, but be warned...i know my stuff...
this is the final display of power (in the anime) of his "one punch" power
argument? I've been saying this lol
@nobankai as for Saitama, says his full potential cannot be brought it is kinda hard to pin down as he's never needed to use it. Even if you make the argument that his serious strike didn't kill Boros he even said: You were still holding back. that's how Saitama is written. He can bring out however much power he needs instantly, he can also hold back as much as he needs... otherwise Genos would be dead. A serious strike means he actually cares... serious doesn't mean 100% it just means he's not goofing of. I can be serious about a work project, but that doesn't mean I give 100% to it. I still eat, sleep, socialize, go to schol, hang out, watch anime etc... but I'm serious about finishing the project. Serious Strike simply means he's concsiouly putting effort into his attack, not all of it, but he's actually caring.
@AdamDean saiyans are a race that is use to breathing in space as shown by nappa and vegeta in space Goku was just use to breathing in air,not to mention vegta was almost drowned as well
@nobankai no I've seen BOG, but Goku and Beerus were fighting in the atmosphere, where there is still oxygen, sure it's thinner, but Goku is used to extreme environments. Also, if he could breathe in space, where the is no air, why can't he breathe underwater... considering Frieza has almost drowned him twice. Say what you will, but Goku has never breathed in space. if you need more proof follow this link:
@AdamDean you're still in the frieza fight where Goku thought that he couldn't breathe in space but he actually could the entire time, he's as alien(battle of the gods) Secondly, Saitama's "infinite potential" can not be brought out at any time because even he doesn't know how strong he is. however he used a serious punch which sounds like he pushed himself to at least his current full-strength in that fight because he had to
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