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Holding onto the one thing you know broke you. Yet it also was the original bond you created to never give up on because you will never be scum and you want to be seen as someone who can save and do the right things for the village. Passing on the will of flame may burn like "hell" but it more than serves its purposes for not only the receiver but the fellow learners. Go way way way back, who woulda known that's the reason kakashi sensei got his biggest ideal for training and teaching, and this is super if not the most important thing, to team 7?? Bonds don't break, they just have issues like with life. They don't go away, you can't break an invisible string, so just go through your tough part of life and we will be here NAKAMA!! After all we are still friends, utmost NAKAMA. So don't worry about anything bc your with US!! Anime is life!! Naruto forever!! Mod NAKAMA-- @tayhar18920 @santarajones @hyunatahyuga @aimebolanos Bonds won't be broken, we've proven that beyond a doubt!! NAKAMA 4 life!!
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well said 😤 such inspirational words