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my favorite male villian of all time is Dr doom. he's a genius, way to powerful, and a strong leader to his people. aside from the whole taking over the world thing doom is still a respectable leader.
general ross is by far my most hated charater ever!!!! the guys constantly trying to kill his son in law and has resented banner for being a hulk.then he has the nerve to become a hulk himself.......... jerk
Charles has been a big role model for me growing up about a wise and peaceful person, and to finally see Charles meet his outer space soul mate just made my day. Charles and lilandra share so many things in common and love eachother that I wanted my own love for someone to be as there's.....
favorite super powers huh... got to give it to shape shifting. I would love to turn into any one or any thing I desire to... I won't lie I would do some funny or messed up things with this power. example Turing into Obama, going to a local park and just dunk on every one at basketball, turn into a shark with wings and just fly over the beach, or just turn into the hulk waiting in an elevator to see people's reactions when the doors open. I really feel like morph from the xmen right now @Beannachtoraibh @MelissaGarza @DarrenRouton @JimTurpen @RyanOgg @Namrow @MichaelOgg @buddyesd @dominika @lescobedo @MyAffairWith @jibarito @YoSoysauce @Marichel @raenel @MarvleTrashcan @CandaceJordan @Mellyortiz @mexicanchika945 @BecauseFlowers @Chocomayne @shannonl5 @LAVONYORK @Krystalstar22 @LadyLuna @BellofRay @ComicGeek @AshelyJewell @djdovbl3vp @Eculare @CalebOrr @OtakuDemon10 @Otakupopgirl @Ashcrimson @octoberHymns @selfishmachines @jazziejazz @DitigalJediX @Mikecro @tbanj96 @StevenFlick @arnelli @gatorchick96 @GossamoKewen95 @ChildOfSparda @arnelli @gatorchick96 @GossamoKewen95
Haha Morph huh? I could see u freaking ppl out!
lol you'd have a lot of fun with that one XD