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So apparently the new trend for 2016 prom-posals is to FAKE OUT the person once before really asking!?

I think I would die of embarrassment and then be so pissed I wouldn't say yes the next time they asked.

Maybe I just can't take a joke LOL.

For example: This guy gets on the school news to ask this girl to prom, she gets super excited, and then he says just kidding.
*cue me being a party pooper and getting really miffed about this*
Later that day, he gets the school band to woo her and REALLY ask her to prom.


Props to her for being so chill with it!

I feel like, knowing me, I'd react really poorly to this but if her sense of humor can take it then that's really, really creative!

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I wouldn't go with the guy then.....I think that's just awful.
2 years ago·Reply
That would annoy me if someone did that, because then if they tried to ask me again later, I wouldn't take them seriously
2 years ago·Reply
yea a punch in the face and a f**k you
2 years ago·Reply
Such poor taste of joke! Very insensitive and humiliating to the other party! Well, that's my take on that.
2 years ago·Reply
that is just rude af. hellllll no
2 years ago·Reply