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{NC} I Hate....80085.
Anime cliches & tropes are not always AS cliche as they make things out to be, and sometimes they serve a purpose. But there is one cliche I JUST CANNOT STAND and I'm going to admit that to you today....



Look, I have nothing against some fanservice - it serves it's purpose in anime & there's absolutely nothing wrong with a female character being well endowed or anything like that.....but there's no reason to do a disservice to women and make her body one that is literally IMPOSSIBLE. Size wise, sure they're possible, but proportionally? No way. Calling anime out on this one.
Like...this scene.
While hilarious & still enjoyable, boobs don't work like that. Nor should anyone expect them to work like that. Nor should anyone watch this scene and not go "what?" I know anime isn't real life (nor does it need to be) but there's just something that bothers me about boobs that just DONT MAKE ANY SENSE.
I have no problem with boob focused fanservice, but at least make it a little bit realistic, you know?
No girl with a chest that size would ever stand like that. Sure, she might cross her arms, but to put her arm literally under her chest to lift it up while just casually standing there? No way. NO WAY.

So...what anime cliche do YOU hate?

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@hikaymm Indeed :3
a year ago·Reply
@JayKumor never said it wasn't staying nor that it needs to go ;)
a year ago·Reply
@masuta same here, I nickname her tsunade because of her chest
a year ago·Reply
@SimplyAwkward hahaha tsunade, i woder if she has the same personality like tsunade
a year ago·Reply
@masuta strong, caring and can hit hard? check check and check
a year ago·Reply