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I just finished Episode 5!!!

~~~~~ lots and lots of spoilers! don't read unless you want to know everything that happens in episode 5!~~~~~~~~


So we left off right about here in episode 4...

Moyeon was all flustered and left right afterwards cause WHO WOULDNT BE FLUSTERED BY A KISS FROM SHIJIN?!
But the next scene they have to go find a kid they were helping in the hospital who ran away. After they find him, Shijin and Moyeon go to a restaurant we saw in episode 2.

Shijin is so embarrassed and its so great.

But then we run into a gang that apparently had been involved in torturing Shijin in the past!

So, obviously they're bad news and OBVIOUSLY we're going to see more of them...

Then, as if the drama wasn't already tense enough, we had to have Moyeon drive herself off a cliff.

She's somehow able to call Shijin and he comes to save her just in time.

And by save her I mean, fall off the cliff with her but help her out of the car and give her CPR...

And then he's right back into being his hilarious play boy self that I love so much.

And then we see Onew's true sass capability - even sassing his superiors!

Our second couple is cute as ever, with Sergeant Major calling someone in the Sergeant's office just to check on what he's doing!

And when she asks Onew if he's flirting with her he delivers his best line to date!

But then of course we get news that Shijin has been ordered to go back to Korea...


On to Episode 6!

There was a literal cliff hanger in this episode! AHHH! His line before their kiss was so cheesy too and it made it perfect! This show! asdfhjfdksghf!!!!
Isn't it great!!! I'm so excited for you to be catching up! I personally felt like the cliff scene was TOO much. Who does ShiJin think he is, Do Min Joon???? πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ I also like her recording her will on her phone as if that would survive hahahahaa
this episode was soooo good lol kiss kiss hajas the supporting couple are just sooo cutte onew oppa is just sooo cutte here too prepare yourself i must say the next episode is painful i cried soooo muchhhh this drama iszz soooooooooo good πŸ‘Œβ€β€