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For the nth time, no eng subs! -.- haha But just by staring / watching our prince, I know you're already happy! HAHA I miss IMJA COUPLE! <3
I don't know Korean language,only Japanese..
how many times i watch this movie super cute.,i love so much imja couple.,
Your welcome [dey 29. Its my pleasure..
He ask a favor to all his fans in Japan,please just surely watch faith I keep the 3 promises and I did my best to this drama...We know the fans will watch this and be excited. the SHIN - I ***** Faith**** will start airing on July 24 in FUJI TV.(Arigatou gozaimashita* Thank you very much.This are only my summary of the whole interview.I hope YOU watched already Faith because I did watched it last year in dramacrazy*NET . Enjoy...
If you watched Faith ,you know already the whole story,so I will not explain it anymore.The 3 promises the LMH stated are 1. If he will timeslip he will be back,When he went to foreign land he experienced just like a timeslip,a lot of new things surprise him ,different country, diff cultures and traditions,diff foods as well.If he want to timeslip he want to go in the future and bring 1 thing a camera.I will think all of you eventhough we cant meet there .When he did the actions he feels a lot of hardship and body painsHe went to action school and practice for 3 months,the scenes under the water he went down 5 m and his ears got hurt.When he went to JApan his first impression was the place arepeaceful and the foods are delicious ,that sthe most and I ting that excite him to visit Japan.2. He will show splendid actions so, all of you stay wealthy and be happy to watch this drama.3.While in drama action,its a promise that be keep til the end.
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