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I came here today with the intention of watching Ragnastrike Angels, writing up my normal style of review, and seeing if anyone else is watching...

...and then I watched it.

I seriously thought my link was bad & I had just watched a preview, but....no. This show is actually a short that is only THIRTY SECONDS LONG. World's shortest anime series I guess, lol!
(the show is just made to advertise the game, thus why it's so short :P)

So instead of me telling you anything else, I'll just let you go watch it and come back with the same ??? as me.

But I will mention the giant women. Seriously, they're giant women. XD
@simplynick Yeah :( I think Onigiri is at least longer than 30 seconds I hope though @.@ I get that it's good for advertising, but if you really think advertising a game with anime is a good idea, at least go Love Live Season 1 rout e(which actually was to advertise the game technically) or Final Fantasy route and do it welL!
Seems like a bunch of those going around....They also have that anime onigiri that's just dropped which is based of the recent game... although I'm scared to watch it based off how bad the game was...Concept was a1, but seem like it was developed and produced by one dude. in his home.