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love how strong the girls are. don't give up or take crap from anyone. hang just like one of the guys but can still look sexy in a dress. go girls!!
@NessaB YES!! I love how strong they are too, because in most anime, the females are always so weak, or needing the male to save them all the time! In Fairy Tail, the female characters can handle themselves, but they have such a good family relationship, that they always help each other out! Like Erza! She is my favorite anime character, she is so amazing and strong! And now, I will stop writing, because I write too much... 馃槄馃槄
@TaehyungV lol good thing i like reading! yeah i totally agree, it's family that makes them strong they are all great but are able to be stronger when they are together because they fight for their family. Erza is one tough cookie, I love her too! no matter what the situation she is able to make it, adaps and succeeds.
@TaehyungV lol 馃槉馃槉