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I don't think I need this product, but since I know we have some lurkers here who want to work on their brow game I thought I'd share this pretty surprising product I am across.

Look at this transition!!

This isn't me. This is reddit user ZeldaF who shared her experience with Etude House's Brow Tint gel. The middle photo is post using the brow gel; the right photo is after she added some brow powder, too!
If you want to see the whole thing, just go to her imgur album and scroll through it!!! Totally crazy. You leave the product on overnight and then it's supposed to last for three days?! Totally crazy.

Here's another review of the product I found.

What do you think? Totally insane, or worth it for the "tattoo" like effect??? I think the results look pretty good, and might even try tinting mine if I get my hands on this because I don't like the little bit of filling I have to do, haha!!
medical science and discovery is amazing