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They're selling like hot cakes.

Kylie's lip kit to be exact. If you haven't gotten your hands on at least one shade yet, what are you waiting for? Whether you're a Kylie fan or not, let's be clear -- her lip kit is pretty amazing when it comes to her wide range of shades. As we all know by now, Kylie named a few of her lippies after some very special people in her life including her sister, Kourtney. The name of the hippie is Kourt K and the color is pretty breathtaking.
Plum shades look great on pretty much any complexion and can add a nice bold touch on any occasion. While the shade is currently sold out [as are most of the shades], Cosmopolitan managed to get their hands on the shade and had ten women in the office swatch it on their lips. If you're curious as to how the beautiful plum color compliments each women with a different complexion, keep scrolling and check out the images below.

Name: Ashley

What she thought of the color: 'When someone compares you to SJP in Hocus Pocus, it's probably not your best look. I liked the pencil but my dry lips pretty much rejected the gloss; it took about three or four coats to get the color even. It looks great on Kylie but I think are better vampy options for blondes. Pros of the formula: it doesn't come off. Cons: it doesn't come off. As in ever.'

Name: Danielle

What she thought of the color: 'This is not a color I would ever, ever wear. I was also doing a beauty tutorial this day (it's, after all) so I had a milkmaid braid in my hair. This end result is very milkmaid-gone-goth, but, given any other day, I'd probably wear my hair simple and straight with such a bold color. As for the texture and feeling, you've tried one Kylie Lip Kit color, you've tried 'em all!'

Name: Emma

What she thought of the color: Even though the color was plum, it read black on me because I'm so pale, so I ended up looking goth and didn't really like it. It was also super-hard to get off, so there's that.

Name: Maya

What she thought of the color: 'Maybe it's because it was paired with my killer eye makeup and my big hair that day, but I felt like such a badass in this lipstick. The deep, sultry purple made me feel so freaking sexy. The formula was slightly drying though, so I would definitely exfoliate and moisturize my lips the night before. But it's so worth it because it took my look from 0 to 💯 in one application.'

Name: Carly

What she thought of the color: 'I'm not opposed to wearing bold lip color — I really like the way it looks against my platinum hair — so I wasn't scared to swipe on Kylie's new "Kourt K" ultra-vampy shade. However, I had to be super-careful when applying it, since it showed every mistake. Other than that, it was slightly drying, but I'd totally wear it again because it didn't budge for hours.'

Name: Jada

What she thought of the color: 'I'm all for bold lip colors, but this was bold-bold. In the packaging, it's a deep purple shade, but on my lips, it just looked black. And while you can totally argue that this color is wearable and great for every day, I have to say that it just wasn't working for me. Although, is it bad I liked how I looked better after I rubbed most of it off, because it left a super-pretty plum stain?'

Name: Tess

What she thought of the color: 'I keep hearing the consensus was that people hated this Kylie color, but I was really into it! It was super vampy in a really fun way! As with all the lip kits, it stayed the fuck on forever, so I had fun shocking people with it for the rest of the day. My fiancé didn't want to come anywhere near me with it on, but that's his loss.'

Name: Lauren

What she thought of the color: 'At first when I put it on I was like, 'No. Way!' But then it grew on me, I wore it home, and now I'm secretly sad it's sold out.'

Name: Kelsey

What she thought of the color: 'It was a bit drying and difficult to apply (the dark color shows every imperfection in application), but I'm a big fan. The deep purple tones, while a bit vampy, were flattering against my hair and eye color. And the flat, matte texture made it feel like there was nothing on my lips, so I could definitely see myself wearing it all day without needing to reapply. The drying effect did make my lips look chapped and feathered though, so it's important to exfoliate beforehand. Overall, I definitely felt like a badass wearing this shade.'

Name: Dominique

What she thought of the color: 'I was OBSESSED with the "Kourt K" lip color actually. Being that I have always been terrified of bold lip color, I was hesitant to try this far-from-neutral color. But I loved the way it looked. That said, this lip shade leaves no room for error when applying it, as it is nearly impossible to get off, but it was so worth the challenge as the color is gorgeous. Bottom line: I am more than willing to sacrifice the moisture of my lips to wear this lip color any day.'

Based on the reviews, would you give this color a try?

I like lipsticks! I'm a little disappointed that a lipstick of this price is do drying. I've had beautiful lipsticks that cost less, but don't feather much. Also, as for no room for mistakes, did these people use the lip liner first? If so, what caused the mistakes?
I won't wear stains. I hardly ever wear lipstick, anyway, I don't want it staying on forever, in case I don't like it. I'm really picky. This color is pretty, and looked really good on a few of these girls, but it is really bold! I feel like this color is made for those with darker skin, even though some of the lighter skinned girls pulled it off. It has a lot to do with their confidence, too. The ones that liked it and would wear it again looked good in it. I'd prefer something a little lighter for myself, though.
Personally I think it looked way cuter on the girls with darker complexions so I'd pass. I do love the look though!
Haha, perfect ending! @MyAffairWith
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