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It's not even out yet, but I came across some pics (probably of a leaked item...) of the upcoming Urban Decay "Alice Through the Looking Glass" palette, and I really really want it!!!
Who knows if this is what it will look like (photos not officially released yet, but it seems like this might be it)! And I'm in love! The really struggle here is that I don't use Urban Decay products (long story) but I might make an exception for this one....we'll see how much the price tag is once it finally comes out!
This is all the official info I could find -- the movie comes out on May 27th so hopefully we'll have some more info soon!!
@marshalledgar Yeah, I was a little bummed the colors didn't scream more wonderland, but I guess they've already done the wonderland palette previously, and maybe this is more themed to the movie this time around, which is a bit of a more subdued/darker wonderland if you ask me!
At first I was like, WHOA! But then I looked again at the colors. I'm seeing tons of orange and brown. where's the fun purples and pinks and brights? Not sure how I feel about this. Love the packaging though!!!!