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We live in a society where 'good morning' and 'goodnight' texts are both expected and appreciated. While you're not always the receiver, waking up to a text or closing to your eyes right after reading one is always an amazing feeling. The idea of being on that person's mind the moment they wake up or the very last second before they fall into a deep sleep kind of says a lot.
Although we don't want to look too deeply into these type of situations, we can all agree that receiving one of the two texts is something we greatly appreciate and look forward to daily. With that being said, if it were up to you, would you prefer a 'good morning' text or a 'goodnight' text? While they aren't too different, depending on the person -- one can have a stronger affect than the other.
I personally try to send both. we're in different time zones though so it can be tricky getting the timing right. mostly she sends me good mornings and I send good nights
I'd rather get one in the morning so I'm not worried I'll fall asleep and miss it XD
awww.. sweet card. maybe I love good night texts more, because you can have a sweet dreams with it.. but actually I love morning text too. It's like a 'booster' for all day
both. can I have both???
i would want a goodnight text because ill sleep through the good morning text.馃槀 im not lying either.
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