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#1 ROMANTIC TEASES *Non official Couple* Heres what I mean. When there's a couple in anime that hasn't been officially stated in the anime or manga, We a driven crazy. We all have the "JUST KISS ALREADY!" mentality. This leads to the all so famous ships that we love.
#2 Over Sexual Women and Men(any age) I love them, but their design is way to sexy. More sexy than the real world. Giving high expectations to the viewer is not a good thing. Theres so many of these sexy people that it's almost impossible to avoid. If not, Internet fan art can satisfy you. Escape from the world? Maybe.
#3 ANIME DEATHS OF OUR FAVOURITE CHARACTER. Every anime makes you love a character and they end up dying. For plot reasons, but we can't not stop crying when they die! THE FEELS! Tagging @invinsybll @hikaymm @BlackOutZJ
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@Alletaire done. Whew thanks for that
@AshChrimson no, thank you lol
what is the anime death in the last photo?
@ultraninja10 i believe its from the "i love you papa" anime i forgot the name.
ask some on a card