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How well do you know Peter Parker?

Last week's Scarlet Witch was a tough one! This week we'll be featuring another one of our favorite Marvel characters... Spider-Man! I'm going to tell you three facts about him, but one of them will be a lie! You'll guess in the comments and next week we'll see the answers!
1. He's a Yankees fan.
2. The Red Skull ordered his parents' deaths.
3. His webbing evaporates in about an hour.

Did you guess last week?

1. She was briefly engaged to Doctor Doom. TRUTH
2. Her identity is a well-kept secret. LIE
3. She fell in love with one of Ultron's creations. TRUTH
Yup! In the comics Vision was created by Ultron; he and Wanda had a romantic relationship. Her engagement to Doctor Doom was the result of some missing memories and weird timing. And of course, her identity is public knowledge.

Good luck everyone!

*jumps in glee* i would be a disgrace if i didnt know this ik that hes a mets fan so lie, truth,truuuuuuuth :D i have finally got one of these right
Too easy, @shannonl5
Spidey is a well known Mets fan. Lie, true and true.
1 is a lie??
1 is a lie
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