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Day 8 - Favorite Anime Couple While there r sooo many anime couples I adore, there's only one I think deserves the title of my favorite. Natsume x Mikan - Gakuen Alice This couple is more of a manga couple rather than anime. They have an anime, but they didn't get 2gether in it. Actually, the anime lacked much of the romance aspect entirely. They changed scenes 2 cut out the romance, & I didn't like that.
These 2 are an interesting couple. They started out disliking & constantly annoying each other. Mikan is a strong-willed, cheerful, warm, & funny girl. She always brightens ppl's lives with her spirit. Natsume is rude, rebellious, a bit cold, & doesn't smile much. He always rubs ppl the wrong way with his attitude. Opposites attract, I suppose? xD Their relationship slowly progresses over time, & they gradually begin 2 care 4 each other despite how much they hated each other starting from their very 1st meeting. There r soooo many cute & romantic scenes between them in this manga, especially after it's halfway over. Even tho they r actually pretty young, the relationship they have is SO strong, that it's difficult not 2 think of them as adults already. Tho they're both rather childish (Mikan in a naive, happy-go-lucky way & Natsume in a short-tempered, willful way). xP Natsume & Mikan r the best example of soulmates I've ever seen.
I wish this ended with more romance then cutting it out I was so frustrated when watching it tbh like JUST GET TOGETHER ZAYUM IT then *ends* like WHY
@mrsjeon ikr. That was sooo frustrating.