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{NC} Anime Cliches I Hate, Day 6

Hello Nakama it's day 6/15 of the Nakama Campfire Challenge and today I'll be sharing the anime cliches that really annoy me.

Dead or Non Existing Parents

Why is it that in a lot of anime the parents are dead or just never there? It's kind of sad actually but it happens so much in anime that I've gotten used to it. In some anime the character is always at home alone and they never specify what happened to the parents. Or in some cases the parents are dead but the character, usually a child or teen, is living alone with no adult at all. I don't know what the deal is with anime parents but it bothers me a little.

They're going to kiss! lol nope

This is so frustrating, when I think my otp is finally going to kiss and then at the last second something happens and they never have this moment again. Why do you play with my emotions like this anime?!

Let's stop time to give a speech

This happens in sports anime a lot. Time will just stop so they can give a really important speech. This usually happens in the middle of an intense game. Another thing that happens is they will just sit there saying who will win or who is stronger. Just show us! Use actions instead of words. Shhh, just stop talking and finish the game. But this does not just happen in sports anime this also happens in fight scenes. They will both stop fighting to hear what the other has to say. If you really are fighting for your life and the life of your friends you will hit them while they are distracted talking. That sounds evil but it is also smart.


I'm sorry to all of you who love tsundere but I just don't like them. Tsundere be like: I love you but instead of telling you that instead let me beet you to a bloody pulp. Why would you hurt the object of your affection?!
Well that concludes my rant, I mean card.
@JessicaFerrier I think the Tsunderes were originally designed by Masochists... but I might be wrong.
@AdamDean @InVinsybll I'm glad there's people that agree with me
I sooo agree with the 'slow down time to make a speech' thing. Even when they don't slow down time and the bad guy stands lecturing at the hero, it gets old real quick. great card!
I'm with you on the tsunderes... tsunderei? I just don't see the appeal. Masochists maybe? Then again, I'm a sucker for childhood friends especially when they do the whole, they both like each other but they are afraid the other doesn't blah blah blah... but the first shipping I really got on board with was from my first manga... Case Closed/Detective Conan with Jimmy/Shinchi and Rachel/Ran... they're just so cute! So maybe the first thing you see has an impact... though Rachel is kind of a tsundere.... well not really... there is a difference from beating a guy you like up when you are embarrassed as opposed to beating him up when he's being a pervert.
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