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It's a feeling we've all experienced.

That moment your hunger pains and your lack of patience get the best of you resulting in what we like to call 'hangry'. Being hangry is better known as a state of anger caused by a lack of food. Yes, it gets that real and when it does, believe me -- you do not want to be within arms reach. Let's face it, food plays a huge role in our lives and without it we go mad. Point blank.
There's nothing to be embarrassed about. It happens to the best of us. Trust me, my stomach is growling as I'm currently typing this and I'm trying my best to hold in my angst. If you've ever experienced the feeling of being hangry or been in the presence of someone who was, you know the struggle first hand. It's normal to take out your hanger pains out on those closest to you. You don't mean to, it just happens. If this sounds even the least bit relatable, keep scrolling to see a few struggles every hangry person knows firsthand.
You've definitely started an unnecessary argument with your BFF/boyfriend over something insignificant and you both know it was because you were hungry.
Basically, he texted you 'good morning' and left out the emoji. You went bonkers. Yep, that's the 'hangry-ness' kicking in.
Hanger apology texts happen more than you care to admit. "I'm sorry for the things I said when I hadn't eaten for 20 minutes."
It's become an impulse to immediately send a text apologizing once the hanger pains subside. No worries, this is a no judgement zone.
Waiting for a table at a restaurant for more than 10 minutes doesn't go down well in your world. You'd rather just go home and order food in (which will probably take longer anyway but y'know.)
Patience is not your friend when it comes to food.
You don't understand how people say they just "forget" to eat or skip a meal out of choice without turning into the incredible Hulk. We'll eat for two, then.
Table for one, dinner for two. Missing meals is a major no no in your world.
Most of your bad moods can be turned around easily with a snack. Or five. Bring five snacks and we'll be happy as a clam in no time.
Snacks are life. You always make sure to keep one on you. If not, all hell will break loose. Literally.

Have you every been hangry before?

When was the last time you were hangry?
I'm usually just like "Okay, we're getting burritos."
yep! hangry people want food when they want it lol we don't have time to think about it @danidee
I feel like I'm not very hangry but every other friend I have is, so I've gotten used to having to come up with places to eat on the fly lol. Because hangry people hate having to choose what they're going to eat.
hell yeah I get hangry especially @ work b.c I only get a 1/2 hour break in a 10 hr work day or I don't get to have a break all day its tough to work like that!
Lol I'm glad I'm not the only one who happens to suffer from this @primodiva93
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