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The Nosebleed.........😪😒.... Like I get when a guy or girl are put in some compromising position, pretty much all of them having to do with fan service, thins can get pretty hot, however I find the nosebleed moment a little exaggerated..... I don't mind it if the do it once in a while but doing it continuously over time can become pretty annoying.
Love Triangles.... Or more..... Whenever a guy or girl can't make up there minds about someone..... Like all the evidence points to that one person they should pick but they don't because they either can't accept it or like someone else. And in the end the person we want be happy gets hurt.... @InVinsybll @hikaymm @tbell2 @gabemartin @AimeBolanos @AtisutoMeru
I definitely feel you about the nosebleeds... like, it's too much by now
lol this was the gif I tried to use in my hated clichés card lol!
I've always hated the nosebleed thing 2. Its just weird. Lol
@Invinsybll @PRroxx05 so when i was looknig for images for my hated cliche card yesterday, I actually read that the reason characters get "nosebleeds" is because it's supposed to signify a (usually) male character getting excited, but since they won't show THAT (like how they show girls blushing, or grabbing their skirts), they get nosebleeds? craziness. lol.