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PC ©Owner So yeah...I've been debating whether or not, I should put up this FF...finally decided to update a part here and see if people like it and decide whether I should proceed...So please comment your thoughts if u read it!!! P.S. My female lead is usually a feisty one but this one is kinda sober...which was pretty tough for me to write hahahahaha. My inner sassy goddess keeps wanting to sashay out like it's nobody's biz...if ya know what I mean!! Note: No proof read or editing has been done. So typos and grammar will be a bitch. Consider urself warned folks!!! Disclaimer: All stories published here are works of imagination & daydreaming unless stated otherwise. Names, characters, businesses, places, events & incidents are either the products of the author's imagination or used in a fictitious manner. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental. All stories published are ©StarrySurprise
"How can you not like really!!!" Amira nagged as I sat there lazily watching the her go ooh ahh over her fav bands. She sure tries I thought. It's been a while since she tried to get me into a bunch of Fan club but it's one thing she hasn't been able to corner me in and it frustrates her to no end. of her life's mission now is to get me into the whole fangirling bit. Don't get me wrong, I have nothing against idols or bands or whatever and I sure don't mind Amira going crazy over them as along as I'm not dragged into the madness. They are talented and good looking bunch although I can hardly make out who is who. I did watched couple of groups with Amira breathing down my neck but she gave up after a while when she saw it was pointless. She did warned me that one day I might just bump into them and fall for them. I laughed it off saying that would be pretty awesome and we might as well wait for that day. I guess I'm not as ambitious as Amira to dream of meeting her idols and getting to know them personally and all. Plus, with the whole celebrities status as they are, I don't see that happening even in my next life. So yeah...dealing with the reality of opposite sex in my own little celeb-free-zone daily was more then enough for me. "Well, I'm not into them as you are dear, you know that. Moreover, don't you think they are a little too overrated? Almost half of the teenage population here like you are into them & how many do you think have a chance. I personally think most of them looks a little old for you" I shrugged. Amira looked at me with such disappointment that I cringed. Why in the world did I say that I mentally smack myself. Did you forget how sensitive Amira is when it comes to her idols. And spoiling it for her on her birthday was more then bad. "Sis you're are such a mood killer...wae wae!! Don't you dare say anything about them" she warned me. "Oh sweety, I'm sorry I'm sorry...I didn't mean to sound like that. You know I root them for you". Amira been Amira and spoiled in her own rights pouts and sulk. 5 years younger & been my only baby sister doesn't help much either. She can me such a child at times. Damnit! I knew I wasn't getting out this time. I quickly told her that I would make it up to her and then regretted the moment I said it coz the next thing I see was Amira beaming up like the summer sun. "YES!! you can't back out now sis..Amira said with that evil smile. Wait, where did that child who was just pouting and sulking go. I knew I was stuck in whatever plan she plans to dragged me and there was no escaping. So I gave up and asked what she wanted me to do. Amira skipped over my side of the table and told me the plan in all excitement. Turns out, it was the one thing I have been dreading - fansigning event of one of her idols. She had been trying to get me to take her to it for the past 2 months and till now I have been able to come up with some excuses or the other. Unfortunately, my luck run out this time. She blackmail me with her birthday and all that shiz knowing mom won't allow unless I go with her. Great going....I told myself. "Let me see if I have off that day..." I tried for the last time. "No sis, you promise" Ami went almost teary. Gosh! this child knows how to get to me. I finally said yes and Amira looked at me with the most content smile. Guess it was worth it after all, I told myself. I dropped her off to my folks place and promise her I would catch her up next week and take her for the fansign....
I completely forgot about the fan sign the following week not until Amira called. 'Oh dear, I'm so sorry. Be there in 15 minutes' I told Amira and rush over. I was pretty sure she will be panicking and nagging mom about it. I reach the house to find Amira already outside waiting for me at the gate. She got in the car immediately and we head off to the fan sign venue which was almost an hour drive away. I was relieved to know that I didn't need to go in with Amira for the fansign as she was meeting up with some of her friends. I had to just dropped her off and wait somewhere nearby. The event was supposedly for about 2 hours. So I didn't really mind it as it would be done by the time I grab some coffee and snacks. We arrived at the venue which was already crowded with fans. Wow! they sure have lots of fans I thought. Almost 90% of them were school going kids in their uniforms. Amira rushed off waving me goodbye saying she will call me once the event was done. I waited for her to get inside with her friends and then drove around the block & park the car. I set off searching for a quite place to eat. Not far from the venue, I found a small coffee shop which was a little inside from the driveway. I climbed up the stairs and got inside to find a nice and warm atmosphere, perfect to my liking. Surprisingly, the cafe was almost empty except for 2 tables in the corner towards the end of the room which was occupied by some group of young guys who looked up as I came in. As I was about the go for a table near the widow, the waiter who was taking orders from the tables came quickly and told me that the whole place was reserved. "Oh Yeah! So sorry I didn't know that" I said and turn to go out when I bumped right into someone. More precisely, someone's chest as the person was quite tall...I muttered a quick sorry and moved towards the door without a backward glance as the situation was kinda embarrassing to be honest. As I was reaching for the door, the same waiter run up to me again and told me I could go ahead take the table. Huh...What!? I asked surprised. 'The gentleman said it's OK, they are fine with you taking the table' replied the waiter. 'Well, thank you but I think I'll just go. I'm sure there's another cafe around the corner somewhere'. Seeing how we were stuck in a conversation by the door, the tall guy came over. "Hi...didn't you come here for coffee?" he asked. I looked up and noticed he was really good looking with a very nice voice too. I couldn't help staring at him for a bit before replying. 'Ahhhh hmmm...I did but I honestly didn't realized the place was already reserved. I guess I missed the sign outside" I said apologetically. "Well, since you're here, you might as well just stay. The guys also don't mind" the tall guy assured me. "Ahhhh I...I...I guess. I won't be here for long anyways" I added. "Thank you and I'm really sorry to barged in your reservation" I apologized again. "That's alright..." the tall guy said with a smile. I thank him and went along to sit near the window while tall guy went back to join his friends. I placed my order and fished out my book and started reading while I waited for my order to come in...
SO SO... WHO DO YOU THINK IS THE GROUP AND MORE IMPORTANTLY THE "TALL GUY" ??? GUESS!!! Should I continue or...leave it. Too lame?
lol coffee shop, tall guy, nice voice, idk kinda sounds like Bang Yongguk from B.A.P. Though I'm not sure he's the tallest guy out there, especially compared to zelo, but tall is relative haha he's tall to me
@MaritessSison hahah u're a sweetheart, thanks babe! As for the story, I might just end up disappointing you Hahaha 😂😂
I'm really liking this, but I might be a little biased, cause I like all your stuff!😉😉 hehe!
keep it and tag me
This is a clever idea, tag me if you continue. (I hope you do)
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