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How's that for a title? As ludicrous as that sounds, it's true.

Congressman Duncan Hunter, the California Republican from San Diego who is commonly known as the 'vaping congressman' has found himself at the center of a particularly bizarre FEC (Federal Election Commission) investigation.
Hunter has been questioned for the $1,302 worth of charges made to Steam. Charges that came out of campaign funds, all with the notation "personal expense - to be paid back".
There are 68 separate occasions over a two month period from October 13 - December 16 where Hunter's personal credit card was charged through Steam for separate purchases.
Hunter jumped immediately to place blame for these charges, citing his son as the reason for the incident. Joe Kasper, a spokesman for Hunter's camp, said that Hunter's son used his father's credit card to buy a single game on Steam and then continued to rack up charges unbeknownst to his father.
Really, though, what other explanation would the congressman offer? It's not like he would take personal ownership over this embarrassment. As of now, none of these expenses have been 'paid back' and Hunter is allegedly trying to reverse the charges made to his credit card and campaign funds.
Whether it really was his son or not is debatable. Hunter has argued against undue regulation of violent video games in the past when his peers in congress leapt to demonize these games as catalysts for school shootings.
Plus, the dude openly talks about how he vapes. He's really just a fedora and a m'lady away from being that guy.
I'm willing to believe that this was just his son running rampant with his dad's credit card. I am. But I'm equally willing to believe that this congressman tried to use his position and the money that comes with it just so he could get all the skins in DOTA 2. Either way, this is one of the only times where I think a politician is starting to actually represent his demographic.
I can only hope the next headline involving Hunter will be about his love for My Little Pony.
Oh this is unforgivable. he can't taxpayers on DOTA. he has to spend taxpayers money league of legends
Jeez though. I'm not sure if I'm more appalled by the cost or by how dumb this is! Either he was irresponsible and left his credit card with his kid, or he made the charges himself XD
@LAVONYORK yeah, it's ridiculous. what a time to be alive.
I heard about this! He is trying to pretty much say his card was hacked after the first charge!