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[Tag: @Invinsybll] Honestly, I never thought about these before I only think of Disney cliches I feel like I saw one one day tho... The last anime I watched was Haikyuu...but I think I saw clips Hmm....okay, the only cliche that really gets me is:
How the main character ALWAYS sots by the window! Like, what if I'm like Tomoke in Watamote and I don't wanna be the main character or sit by the window?? This cliche goes too far lmao
This is one thing I liked about Deadman Wonderland They took the main character and DIDN'T put him by the window Of course then his class gets invaded by the enemy who kills everyone except Ganta... BUT THAT'S BESIDES THE POINT!! Main character = window seat Tbh, I like sitting in the corner but awaayy from the window
Anothee thing that's kinda old is that cliche ecchi scene that most anime have Like honestly? XD
And just plain old tentacle porn
And panty shots... wait, I lied. i looove panty shots (麓褢俟褢)
But most of all...the boooooobsss I like big boobs, but anime takes it too far sometimes Especially with the bouncing animations Like, boobs don't move that way bro
@InVinsybll lmao prob not
the bouncing boobs thing gets me too. like, have these animators ever seen a woman in real life?
No. 8 looks familiar... What's the name of it though?
lol we highlighted a lot of the same things lol good job and all your images worked mine failed
boobs do jiggle alot bro i know馃槚 and there r ppl who have boob as big as those but yeah tru bout everything else