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Genre: Mafia AU
Pairing: I don’t even know anymore
Others Characters in Chapter: Yoongi, Jungkook
Length: 5420 words
Warning: Swearing, Violence, Intimacy
Summary: The love of your life wasn’t who he claimed to be
Part: 20/?
Y/n’s POV
I glanced to my left at Jin, seeing as he had the pistol, and when I noticed him staring at me, I gave him a wide eyed look. He knew exactly what the look meant.
Shoot him Jin! What the fuck are you waiting for?
Jin slowly shook his head and nodded towards Yoongi, smirking slightly. I turned away in disgust. He wants me to shoot Yoongi.
Well that wasn’t going to happen. Y/n, you’re the only person in the world who would look out for her kidnapper.
“Why are you doing this?”, I whispered raspily. My throat was dry, the apprehension taking its toll.
Minah’s father stopped circling us, which was an upside. The downside was, he was now stood behind me.
“You are all somehow involved in Minah’s death. You’re all going to suffer. This is you’re punishment. You pick which one dies.”
“I didn’t have anything to do with her death”, I spoke a little louder this time. He suddenly grabbed my neck from behind, causing me to recoil and look up. I just stared at the small flashing red device on the light. Jungkook and Yoongi were both breathing heavily in anger, but unable to do anything.
Just how much power does this man have?
“Yes. You did. You were his undercover whore”, he spat referring to Jungkook. I groaned in pain, his fingers digging into my flesh. “He chose you over her. You are a fucking piece of trash compared to her. Yet, your very existence is the reason she’s dead.”
I gasped. This time it wasn’t so much the pain that made me gasp, it was the harshness of his words. He let go of me just as quick as he grabbed me. I couldn’t even rub the pain away- one hand was holding a gun, and the other arm had a damn bullet in it.
Ultimately, this was my choice. Jungkook or Yoongi. Yoongi or Jungkook.
Yoongi. The mysterious man I had met only today, who made me feel like I’d never felt before. Who had claimed me impulsively, in a moment of pure lust.
It was lust. Not love. How Yoongi described his relationship with Yuri pretty much showed me he preferred lust over love. He preferred a passionate moment to then go back to his expressionless self. But still, he had claimed me. And I had willingly let him.
Yoongi could have hurt me, but didn’t. He came back to the warehouse for me when him and Jimin could have escaped. But still, I wasn’t stupid. He didn’t love me- I’d barely known him 24 hours.
Then I realised I was being stupid. I wasn’t going to pick which man to shoot based on whether he bloody loved me or not. Get a grip y/n.
Then there was Jungkook, who confused me more and more with each minute that passed. He hurt me, yes. He had never laid a hand on me before today. But he loved me. He had said it straight up, with such conviction, and I believed him.
I remember one night him asking me. “Do you love me y/n?”
I smiled and reached out for his hand. His big, warm hands always enveloped my own. “What kind of question is that, silly? Of course I love you. You’re my one and only, Jeon Jungkook.”
He had smiled back, and I remember it being a sad smile. “I love you too y/n. Don’t ever forget it.”
I was jolted back to reality by Minah’s father who shook me by the shoulders. A tear was rolling down my cheek, and I shrugged the man’s hands off me to wipe my eyes with my sleeve. “Hurry the fuck up. If I lose my patience I’ll personally shoot all these bastards and make you watch.”
“Don’t touch her”, Yoongi growled in a low voice. He was staring at me intently, his dark eyes inspecting my every move. As was Jungkook.
I turned around. There was Jimin looking up at me, his face as tense as I internally felt. Next to him was my brother, still out cold. And on the other side of him was Taehyung, who for once wasn’t smirking or scowling. In fact, his face was like Yoongi’s, a blank canvas.
I slowly inhaled and exhaled, lifting the gun up. I looked at the two men before me, still as statues. Both had shown me compassion and love in different ways, so I knew what I had to do. I gave a small smile, and pressed the gun to my own temple. The cold metal felt soothing to the skin.
“No!”Jungkook shouted, as Yoongi moved forward. I stepped back, shaking my head, almost bumping into Minah’s father. He was chuckling. “Very brave, girlie. Got to hand it to you.”
“Y/n. Put. The. Gun. Down”, Yoongi ordered slowly, emphasising each word. I shook my head.
“I’m just doing what you both failed at doing today”, I said, still smiling, trying to give them hope that everything will be OK. “Yoongi, you had the chance to kill me when you had me tied up. And Jungkook, you shot Jimin instead.”
“Y/n, babe”, Jungkook warned, “Please. If you do this, do you think he’ll let us go? No, the bastards gonna kill us anyway. Do you hear me? We are next!”
I furrowed my brow, no longer smiling. I turned to Minah’s father, who was looking rather amused. He’s enjoying himself.
“He’s telling the truth”, he grinned. I wanted to wipe that grin off his face so badly. The light cast a shadow over his features, making him look even more sinister.
Wait a minute …the light..I don’t have to shoot myself!
“That camera up there”, I suddenly pointed upwards with the gun. “That the only camera in this room?”
He narrowed his eyes, but slowly nodded, not knowing why I asked. There’s probably a man watching the CCTV footage, I mused.
“Yoongi, shut the door”, I said, not taking my eyes off Minah’s father. Yoongi didn’t move. “Why?”, he asked softly. “Just shut the damn door please.”
I didn’t want all his armed guards bursting in and killing us all.
Yoongi slowly walked towards the door, and I heard it click shut.
I stepped into the middle of the room, directly below the light. “Jin.” I spoke quietly. This idiot has the pistol so he better listen carefully or I’ll-
“What the fuck are you playing at?”, Minah’s dad spoke up before I could finish.
I smiled at him sweetly.”Can I at least say my last goodbyes before I shoot my brains out?” He had no response.
“You’re doing no such thing.” Jungkook spoke with such authority. “Stand back”, I warned him. Why the hell couldn’t anyone see I had a plan?
“Y/n”, I heard Hoseok behind me. “You need anything from us?” I breathed out in relief. FINALLY, someone gets it.
“Just for Jin to be ready.”
Now I had to say my final piece, so Jin knew and understood what the plan was.
I tilted my head to observe the man in front of me. His features were handsome- I could see where Minah got her looks from.
“Y/n”, he spat my name venomously. I knew I was pissing him off. “I gave you a simple fucking choice. One of these two dies, you go free.”
“Hmm, such a simple choice”, I echoed mockingly. “But don’t be mad, Mr Mafia Boss, Sir. I’ve made my decision”. I could hear Taehyung trying not to laugh.
He stared at me, as if to say’ how DARE you talk to me like that’. But I kept a brave face.
“See Sir”, I continued the condescending tone, “you made three vital errors.”
He squared up to me. I moved my head upwards to see his face, still unperturbed. “Oh yeah”, he breathed. “What?” His features were contorted with anger.
“Y/n…” Yoongi whispered, shaking his head for me to stop talking. The crazed glint in my eyes must have told him I wasn’t going to listen.
“Number One. You told me there was a camera in here,and it’s location.”
He just replied with “So?”
I ignored him and continued. “Number two. You came unarmed.”
That got him looking slightly uncomfortable. Guess, he had underestimated me again.
I was hoping Jin had figured out his role now.
“And Number Three, probably your biggest mistake, Sir. You should have bombed the warehouse. Because, maybe then, you would have lived to see the morning.”
That’s when he roared and lunged for me. But I was ready.
I stepped back and shot at the camera, hitting the light in the process. In the darkness, I ducked and screamed, “Jin NOW!”, following that with “Yoongi, Jungkook, duck!”
I covered my ears as I heard not one, not two, but three shots.
“Y/n!”, Jimin yelled over the commotion, crawling towards me from his spot.
“I’m OK, I’m OK”, I chanted, gasping for breath. The adrenaline had hit me hard. I handed Jimin my gun- I just wanted it away from me.
I forced myself up, and ran to the door, almost tripping up over either Jungkook or Yoongi, I couldn’t tell, and opened it to let in the light from outside. I could make out the slumped figure of Minah’s father. We had got him- and without the camera picking it up.
Whoever was watching the footage is probably on their way to see what’s happened to the camera...If they hadn’t already seen me shooting at it. I was hoping the man on duty hadn’t been paying attention. Or even better, that no one was there.
I heard another shot and spun around in fright- but it was just Jin shooting himself free.
“Why the fuck didn’t you just shoot him?”, Jin demanded, getting up and walking up to me. His handsome features were relaying a mix of awe and annoyance. I looked up to him, involuntarily wincing when I heard the gun again (this time Hoseok was shooting his chains).
“I…er..I couldn’t”, I muttered, trying to walk away. Jin grabbed me and made me face him. We need to get out, what the hell is he doing?
I saw Jungkook step forward, but he didn’t do anything. “Don’t walk away when I’m fucking talking to you”, he snapped. I just stared. I had got him and his members out of certain death, and this is how he was treating me? Dick.
“What do you mean, you couldn’t? You were right in front of him. And you shot the camera, no problem.”
I struggled in his grasp. “I can’t kill someone, god damn it!”
Jin laughed. “No. But you CAN be an accomplice? Not to mention you just shot your own brother.” He laughed again.
That was to silence him, you moron, not kill him.
“Let go!” I yelled. Helping these idiots was proving to be tiring. He let go, but clamped my mouth shut, so I wouldn’t shout any more.
Jungkook finally spoke. “Boss, she got us out, give her a break.”
I glared at the two of them. Taehyung was now free as well. I stared at Jin. “Well what the fuck are you waiting for? A damn invitation to leave?” I snapped. No way would I help him again.
Jin stared at me, unsure of how to respond. He lifted his finger and pointed at me. The light from outside the room was shrouding him, giving him this celestial image. But damn, this boy was far from angelic. “Watch yourself, bitch”, he seethed. Clearly he wasn’t used to people answering back.
I rolled my eyes in response. He probably couldn’t see my face hidden in partial darkness anyway. “Yoongi and Jimin, you guys get out too. Jimin, you still have the gun, right?” I heard him mutter ‘yes’. I turned to give him my full attention. “Jimin”, I murmured quietly. “Get to the hospital. You don’t look too good.” I was being serious but he laughed.
I watched as Yoongi gave me a slight nod of the head, his expression unreadable and led him out the room. Jimin’s voice was quiet, but I heard it. “Are we just gonna leave her?”, he whispered to Yoongi. I didn’t hear Yoongi’s response.
It made sense that they would go. Their arch-enemies were here, and if they stayed, something would be sure to kick off. Also, I’m pretty sure this place was swarming with armed guards, so the quicker they got out, the better.
I side stepped Hoseok to get to my brother. “We’ll get you bastards later”, I heard Jin warn after Yoongi and Jimin before sneaking out himself. Taehyung and Hoseok followed suit.
I stopped paying attention as I hoisted my brother up in a sitting position, which took all my strength, and double-checked my jumper was tight enough around his knee. “I’m sorry”, I whispered, moving his hair out of his face. I knew Jungkook’s mission was to kill him, but I decided I wouldn’t let him.
I left Minah’s dad as he was. His men would take care of him. His words echoed through my mind.
You were his undercover whore .He chose you over her. You are a fucking piece of trash compared to her. Yet, your very existence is the reason she’s dead.
As I turned, to also leave before I got caught, I saw Jungkook, by the door, staring at me.. I had assumed he had left with Jin. “Jungkook? Why haven’t you left?”
His profile looked more sinister seeing as from where I was standing he looked like a shadow. A shadow clenching his fists. An angry shadow.
“Don’t ever fucking do that again.”
He spoke quietly, but I could tell he was very angry. I frowned into the dark. What was he on about?
“Do what?”, I spoke equally as quietly, scared that someone would hear us. He stepped forward, closing the space between us with a single, effortless movement. I could hear his jagged breathing now. He looked less like a silhouette as I could now make out his features, which were contorted in pain and anger.
“You put that gun to your head like it was nothing. Do you know what that did to me?” His dark eyes looked even darker as he stared into me, taking me in.
Oh, so THAT’S what this is about? I wanted to laugh seeing as he was prepared to shoot me earlier. But my petty, immature angry self got the better of me.
I scoffed at his statement. “OK. OK, I get it. No one’s allowed to hurt your ‘undercover whore’? Is that it? Not even herself? Only you can shoo-”
“Shut up. Just shut up.” He ordered. But I wasn’t having it. “You don’t get it do you ,Jungkook? You think you have all this control over me. You don’t want me to kill myself but you would happily kill me for Jin?”
“I told you I was pissed”, he growled. I gave a short laugh, “You were pissed so you shoot someone. And I thought periods gave ME mood swings.”
“You think this is a fucking joke?” He leaned in closer. “You almost killed yourself!”
“And why the fuck do you care?!”, I suddenly shouted, trying to push passed him. I knew Yoongi was probably long gone. But I didn’t care. I didn’t need anyone to get out of here- I’d find my own way out. I always did.
Jungkook grabbed my bad arm and twirled me around to face him, making me cry out in pain. “God damn it y/n!”, Jungkook yelled, before grabbing both sides of my face forcefully and slamming his lips into mine.
All his anger and frustration at me were coming out in that kiss. I forgot the pain instantly. I pulled roughly at his hair, my lips locked onto his, like he was my drug.
I was the one to pull away. “We need to get out of here”, I panted. We were together, so we might as well stay together. I could figure out what’s what later.
“We’re unarmed. Jin took the pistol and I gave Jimin the other gun.”
He replied with the utmost confidence. “We don’t need a gun.”
I decided I would call Yoongi later- the phone was still in my pocket as I hadn’t been searched. I was just hoping Yoongi still had his phone.
Jungkook grabbed my hand, interlacing his fingers with mine. “Let’s go”, he whispered. We ran out silently, and I watched Jungkook take in his surroundings. I decided to do the same. If we worked together, we could leave faster.
In front of us with a long, white corridor, with multiple rooms. To my right was another corridor, but at the end of it was a lift. To our left was a flight of stairs. The signpost showed us we were on floor 6. So we had to go down.
“Lift is less hassle”, I mumbled. “Less likely to bump into anyone.” Jungkook nodded and led me to the lift. One we were in the confined space, and the door had sectioned us off from the rest of the world, he pulled me into a tight hug. Just like my Jungkook would if I was stressed.
I leaned in further, wanting more contact. “Why did you help them first?”
“Huh?”, I asked, not sure I’d heard him right. But I had.
“Why did you shoot their chains first?” I nuzzled my head into his chest. “I was angry at you.” I wasn’t going to apologise for that. I had been pissed because he handled things in a really shitty way when Jin shot at me.
He didn’t respond. When we got to floor 2 he let go of me, the sudden lack of contact making me shiver. Then, floor one. Ding. We got out tentatively, Jungkook stopping me so he could go first.
There was no sign of Jungkook’s members, or Yoongi and Jimin, which was confusing. Obviously, I get Yoongi and Jimin had to leave, but why didn’t Jin wait for Jungkook?
As we slowly made our way to the door, I heard rapid footsteps.
“Run!” I hissed, as we both broke into a sprint. We got outside just in time I think, judjing by the proximity of those footsteps. I was breathless from literally thirty seconds of running.
Why the hell are you so unfit y/n?
The building behind us was big, but it seemed to be in the middle of nowhere. I looked up at the sky and frowned. It was an inky blue, which meant the sun was about to rise.
Jungkook looked around, running a hand through his hair. “Where is Jin?” I asked him.
“He must have taken a van and left. I should’ve-” His eyes locked with mine, and he stopped talking, as if he suddenly remembered I was there. But I knew what he was going to say.
“You should’ve gone with him”, I finished softly, looking away. I had a feeling Jungkook would get cold feet, and that he would regret staying for me.
I took out my phone to check our location. We were both now hiding around the corner, at the side of the building where no one could see us. As far as I could see this place had no windows.
Turns out we were no more than ten minutes away from Yoongi’s warehouse. And from there I’m sure Jungkook knew his own way back to his base.
“I know where we are now”, I muttered, not looking at him.
Jungkook followed my lead got into the nearest van to us, which still had the keys in the ignition.
“We’ll go to base”, he announced. I stared at him. As far as I was concerned, I was done with this lot. My uncle was dead, my brother wounded. What more did they want from me? The van roared to life as Jungkook set off.
“No”, I shook my head. “Drop me off at the apartment.”
Jungkook glanced at me. “But Ji-”
“-If Jin wants to see me, I’ll come. But as far as I’m concerened, I’m not needed. Unless Jin plans on killing me because I know too much.”Jungkook’s silence spoke volumes.
I went off the map and went to my contacts for a brief second. There was Yoongi’s name. I tried calling. No answer. He was probably still trying to get back.
Jungkook had a disapproving look on his face but still didn’t say anything.
I relaxed slightly as the van turned into familiar streets. He stopped just outside the apartment complex. He turned to me. “Y/n. Babe, I know you’ve been through so much. But I’m here for you ok? I need to check where the boys are, but if you want me to spend the night, I’ll come back, yeah?” I nodded mutely, giving him a small smile.
“I’ll be fine Jungkook, thank you. Better go take care of this”, I said pointing at my arm.
He looked like he wanted to say more, but he didn’t have the words. I really did want to be alone, so I left the van. I shut the door wordlessly. No way of saying ‘bye’ seemed right. ‘See you’ seemed too casual, ‘goodbye’ felt too final. So I stayed silent.
I walked up to the door, to turn around one. I realised why the engine wasn’t making any noise- Jungkook was waiting until I went inside. I sighed and continued on, heading for the lift. It was only two floors, but my weary legs couldn’t handle it.
Jungkook’s POV
Jungkook watched her walk away. He knew she needed time alone. But he also knew that Jin would be pissed with him for leaving her alone. Hell, Jin was probably already pissed with him. He had fucked up. The moment he killed Minah, he knew he had fucked up. He was starting to question his motives for the first time that day.
Is y/n really worth all this hassle? The seed of doubt had been planted in his mind. When he was with her, she was all he could see. But his family also spoke sense. His brothers. His gang.
He wasn’t going to be responsible for any of them getting severely hurt over him pining over this one girl. He was thinking all this as he watched y/n walk into the building. The massive gash on the back of her head was looking rather nasty from here.
The guilt was overwhelming. Everytime he laid eyes on her, he remembered she was just a university student who had unwillingly walked into a toxic relationship. One of lies, cheating, danger. He had got her hurt.
Now he knew why the number one rule existed. Never get attached.
His eyes scanned the car park, and in the minimal light, he saw something familiar. He froze at the sight. No. It can’t be.
He got out of the van to check. Yes, it was. The same van that had been left outside Yoongi’s warehouse.
Why would Yoongi be here?
There was only one reason Yoongi would have come here personally. Jungkook remembered when they were all tied up, and the only ones who were awake where Hoseok, him, Jin and Yoongi. The way Jin had taunted Yoongi about y/n.
Shit. The colour drained from Jungkook’s face, as he started running towards the building y/n had entered five minutes ago. “Y/n!” he shouted, in the hope that she had taken the stairs and was still within hearing distance. No such luck.
Y/n’s door was locked. He started hitting it with his fists. He didn’t are that people in neighbouring rooms were asleep. “Y/n! Yoongi! Open the door!”
No response. But Jungkook wasn’t going to give up.
Y/n’s POV
As soon as I got to my floor, I sensed something was off. My door was swung wide open. Thieves? Did I leave it open? I honestly couldn’t remember.
I crept in and opened the light. The room was a tip, but that was because of Jungkook’s rage from the morning before. I sighed. I was imagining it. I shut the door, and clicked the top lock- I’d look for the key later, but for now, that was secure enough.
My room was dark, as I opened the door, slowly. But suddenly, I was yanked in by an invisible pair of hands, making my scream. The door slammed shut as I was thrown onto my bed. I didn’t even have the energy to scream, but I did let out a whimper. “Who are you? How did you get in here?”
When the light opened, I gasped. It was Yoongi, staring at me in disgust. I frowned at his expression. It reminded me of when I first met him.
“Yoongi? What are you doing here? I called, but you didn’t answer. And where’s Jimin?”
He stood where he was, so I stayed where I was too, on the bed, watching him intently. How did he know this was my room number?
“He’s in hospital”, I sighed in relief. He had actually gone in to get help. I gave Yoongi a small smile. But his expression didn’t waver. Why is he being so hostile?
“You’re a good actor y/n. I’ll give you that”, he spoke dangerously. I looked at him, the confusion clear on my face. “What do you mean?”
I looked him up and down, and realised he was holding a gun. My breath hitched in my throat.
“Yoongi…”, I tried again. I tried to stand, but he pushed me back down with a lot of force. In fact, it was so forceful, that I landed on my back, my head narrowly missing the wall.
I gasped as he pinned me down with one arm, his other hand preoccupied with the gun.
“What the hell are you doing?” I whispered. His hand was on my chest, so I was sure he could hear my heartbeat. And boy, he was strong. It was starting to hurt to breath.
“Jin told me everything when you were out cold. You’re working for him aren’t you?” he spat. “You though you could fool me? Well, you were mistaken, bitch.”
I was hyperventilating. “Yoongi”, I gasped. “DON’T FUCKING SAY MY NAME!” He roared. I covered my face with my hands in a pathetic attempt to protect myself.
What the fuck had Jin said to him?
I felt the gun, trailing down my thigh slowly. I removed my hands to come face to face with a very red faced Yoongi. His veins in his neck and temple had become prominent, and his eyes were scanning me dangerously.
I heard banging on the front door. Then shouting. It was Jungkook. Yoongi just smirked at the noise. “Well done for locking the door babe”, he murmured. Fuck.
“I-i don’t know what the fuck he told you, but it was all a lie!” I cried. I struggled slightly in his grasp, but he only put more weight on me.
“He told me you were a set up to get to me. A pretty face. A fucking slut. He told you to touch me, to fuck me. He said he payed you extra to do it.”
I paled. My mouth had dropped open in disbelief at the words I was hearing. The banging from outside intensified. These doors are well built, and Jungkook doesn’t have a gun, I realised in despair.
“I feel sick”, I groaned under Yoongi’s intensifying weight. “And you believed him?” No wonder Yoongi had left without a word. No wonder Jimin had asked about me, only for Yoongi to ignore him.
Yoongi didn’t reply. I pointed at my desk. “Go look over there. That’s the revision I do every night. There’s a calender there, not with fucking mission dates on it, but exam dates. Go check my bag. It’s filled with notebooks, not guns. I’m a normal student Yoo-” I stopped. I didn’t want to say his name in case he shouted again.
“I’m a normal student, not some undercover slut who works for Jin”, I sobbed.
Yoongi loosened his grip on me. My breathing was laboured, but at least it hurt less now. “Prove it.”
I looked up at him, tears rolling freely. His voice was still hard, but his expression had softened.
I was confused as he stood there offering his gun out to me. Then I got it.
“No…no. I can’t do that. Anything but that”, I whispered pleadingly. He’s making me do this again?
“Be a good girl, y/n”, he said softly. He reached out to stroke my hair and I winced at his touch. Clearly I hadn’t seen the dangerous side of Min Yoongi yet.
“If you ask me to shoot Jungkook one more time, I will scream at him to run”, I threatened. He yanked my hair. “Then guess what babe? I don’t believe you”, he said coldly. “And you’re gonna meet the same fate as Jungkookie’s fuck buddy.” I gasped in pain.
“So now it’s either I kill Jungkook or you kill me?” I asked in disbelief. He let go, but didn’t respond.
“I can’t believe this!”, I cried. “He’s your enemy and after everything we’ve gone thro-”
“We haven’t gone through shit”, he spat. “You were an easy fuck. That’s it.”
I recoiled from his words. “Y-you’re just saying that cus you’re angry”, I whispered. I was in denial. He had shown affection towards me, right?
“No.” He shook his head and squatted down to my level, looking me dead in the eyes. “You were a one time thing y/n. And Jin’s right. You may or may not be working for him, but you sure as hell are a filthy slut.”
I grabbed onto his shoulders and tried pushing him away, but no such luck. He didn’t even budge.
“What the fuck? Why are you calling me these horrible names Yoongi?” I sounded like a kid, but didn’t care. He raised his hand to slap me, and I shut my eyes tight, expecting more pain. But it didn’t come. I opened one eye.
“I thought I told you to not say my name”, he growled. I bit my lip, to stop myself from crying at his injustice.
“You wanna know why you’re a slut?”, he smirked, waiting for a response. I just nodded, looking at the bed sheet. He grabbed my face, and made me face him.
“Jimin told me how you two kissed. When he gets out, I’ll be sure to punish him too. So ,three men at once?” He tutted. “Shame on you y/n.”
“You guys all have sex with a woman, only to kill her moments later!” I yelled. I was kind of hoping Jungkook could hear me. So he knew I was safe.
“Part of the job babe”, he replied bluntly. “I should have just let you shoot yourself.” There was a mad glint in his eye.
Y/n. he’s not kidding around. He means it. He actually hates you. I didn’t know whether it was Jin’s lies, or Jimin’s stupid confession, but Yoongi projected nothing towards me except pure hatred.
“Yeah, I guess you should’ve.” My voice was bitter. “I thought you actually liked me”, I let out a short laugh at my own words. “And you say I’M good at acting.”
He suddenly shot at the wall next to me, making me cover my ears and scream. “You loved that trick when you did it with Taehyung didn’t you?” He laughed lightly.
Oh my god, he’s a maniac. Either that or anger does some pretty fucked up things to him.
“I can’t believe I lost an important man today. Because of you”, he seethed. “And Jimin took two bullets. For what? For fuck all!” He shot the wall again.
“Stop!”, I cried out. “Please, stop it!” I was curled up on my bed, trying to protect myself, from this monster Yoongi had unleashed inside of himself.
He gently moved me back to an upright position. I stiffened at his touch. He put his hand on my chest to feel my heartbeat, and gave a small, unamused smile. “You’re scared of me aren’t you?”
This isn’t him. This can’t be him. He’s just pissed. I shook my head and whispered “No. I’m not scared.”
He laughed and tauntingly whispered in my ear. “Liar liar, pants on fire.”
I shook my head. “I meant it. Do your worst.”
I’m ready.
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