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hello ! lockscreen time again ! thanks to all those who requested ! anyone can request as many times as they want just keep each request under 5 lockscreens ! thank you! anyway, i hope everyone who requested likes theirs!
requested by : @sherrysahar image : kim myungsoo
requested by : @Michellelbarra image : amber
requested by : @AnaP image : jung taekwoon (leo of vixx)
requested by : @KpopQueenaBee image : TOP
requested by : @KpopQueenaBee image : kim namjoon (rap monster)
requested by : @PrincessUnicorn image : kim seokjin i wasn't sure which one was better so i made 2 :) if you don't like either i'm happy to make new ones !
requested by : @PrincessUnicorn image : zhang yixing (lay of EXO)
(not requested) image : kim namjoon, kim taehyung, & min yoongi (rap monster, v, & suga of BTS)
requested by : @AnnaArai image : kim taehyung
requested by : @AnnaArai image : jung hoseok (j-hope of BTS)
that's i'm gonna do for now ! sorry if i didn't get to your request just yet! the next lockscreen post will be soon i promise ! if you would like to request one go for it ! please keep requests under 5 lockscreens ! if you would like to be tagged or untagged in these just comment ! thanks for liking and commenting !
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as an April fools joke some girl posted pictures of Jimin all around school. Out of boredness and love for kpop and just for fun my friend and I posted pictures of different kpop groups and idols around school this post reminded me of that idk why hahaha love you post
Byun Baekhyun please? 馃槉
Ooo both of mine got up.. Thank you.. I just got a new phone so these will come in handy
All of these are really good. Can I request ones of JB, Jackson, NamJoon, and all of Big Bang. Please. If you can.