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Diets are only good at one thing: Making people feel like crap.

And it needs to end. We know that diets don't work, and that people regain the weight that they lost within 3-5 years. And that short-term success comes at the cost of personal well-being; people on diets see their endurance decrease, they feel sluggish and dizzy, have trouble concentrating, experience aches and pain, some even report having "every physical indication of accelerated aging" (via). All a diet will do is make you feel horrible. Diets force your body into starvation mode because they restrict the number of nutrients you're getting- nutrients you need to do things like be alive.

Count joy, not calories.

That's the choice I'm making this year. I'm sick of being dehydrated because I barely ate or drank anything. I'm sick of being irritable because I'm light-headed or queasy from not getting enough calories for my level of activity. I'm sick of nearly fainting because my blood is missing essential nutrients.

I'm literally sick. And I've had enough.

You can join me. Or not.

Your body is your business. But I'm not going to sit down at the table of social pressure and bad science anymore. I'm not going to let anyone feed me negative messages about what my body should look like or how 'unhealthy' my natural state is. I'm choosing to be healthy. And that means accepting my body for what it is instead of what it's not. And I'm going to focus my energy on things that will REALLY make me happy. The things that I dream about and aspire to be. I refuse to let myself starve when I can nourish myself with positivity, strength, and accomplishments I can be proud of.

I'm choosing dreams. Fuck diets.

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