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There is only one Anime Cliché that I dont like..The Hair people?! Don't get me wrong I love the hair in the anime but when you try to cosplay that's when reality hits you! Like oh that hair looks awesome im going to try it then BAM! Reality hit you with gravity! So you have to do the best you can and not everyone comes out a winner.

Another reason why I dont like it is because in most animes the main characters have awesome colored hair and cool hair styles that really help make you love the characters. Then producers decide to create a live action version of the anime and all of a sudden the style and the hair colors are GONE! Why?! What happened to Nagisa's awesome Blue hair in Assassination Classroom?! Or What happened to the Twins nice Orange Hair in OHSHC?! Even Honey-Senpai's and Tamaki-Senpai's Hair aren't blonde! It breaks my otaku heart :'(

I love the hair! I dont like the burrden of the hair in the real world.

anime hair, defying all concepts of logic since forever
I actually choose to NOT cosplay some characters because of impossible hair!!!! I'm not the type to be able to put it together. My friend cosplays Mami from Madoka Magica and that hair is INSANE
definitely one of the reasons I think that anime doesn't usually translate well into live action adaptations
So true
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