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Sour Patch Kids has always been one of my favorite snacks.
They are chewy, sour and sweet near the end. I have tried them in numerous style forms and loved them all. All of my fellow Patch lovers is in for a huge treat this month, as Baskin Robbins announced that among April’s Flavors of the Month is “Sour Patch Kids Redberry Blast.”
The sweet treat is made with red raspberry and marshmallow ice creams which are swirled with a Redberry Sour Patch Kids ribbon. Baskin Robbins will also offer the new flavor in a sundae with marshmallow toppings, whipped cream and tons of Sour Patch Kids gummies.

I can't wait to try this out, what about you? Does this sound like a nice ice cream choice on a hot summer day?

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I feel like putting Sour Patch Kids on things should always be an option.