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Welcome to my first official Throwback Thursday Manga card WOOOOOOOOOOO So the way this will work is I'll introduce a manga that has been out for some time is filled with comedy and one that I hope you will enjoy so for today I'm going to introduce a manga that I got hooked on after finding the anime. after I was tired of waiting for season 2 to come out I decided to see if there was a manga and bingo there was I found this wonderful piece of gold Give props to The Zero Alliance for providing me, umm us ya us the public with this awesome series Seishun x Kikanjuu Manga I am also a believer of letting a manga speak for itself so enjoy this little preview of the series
Moving to a new area is hard enough but the welcome our protagonist receives is probably one that no one would expect, nothing says hello like the talking of body parts, unacceptable. followed by an invitation for the unknown, unacceptable. Finally being introduced to your neighbor who drops a mysterious item your mind only goes to OMFG is he a Psychopathic murderer about to kill me?????
And the fun is hitting chest first with a gender bender that sets the standards for cross dressers. Introducing our heroine, ahem scratch that "hero" of justice who can not abide by a pure maiden being scammed by evildoers.
Shocker when her neighbor is the very host that had wronged his pure best friend, not one to stand for such injustice she challenges him but then he pulls out the formentioned gun and hands to her, clearly the man is a criminal, but wait! It's a toy gun! Now a bet is on beat me and I'll return the money to your young miss and give an apology, if I beat you, you become mine! GAME ON Welcome to survival games
Welcome to team Toy Gun Gun After losing to Masamune and turning the host club into tatters our poor hero of justice must pay for damages brought by false accusations, in order to pay off this newly raked up debt Hotoru must join his team and play survival games as any hero of justice must keep her word she enters the world of survival games. The games haven't even started yet but the fun of it is about to smack our hero in the most unlucky of places.
say hello to the second member of team Toy Gun Gun, an up and coming smut mangaka, being caught leaving the girl's bathroom is no big deal when you are a girl like Hotoru... However looks are very deceiving when a so called "guy" leaves a girl's bathroom it can raise some red flags, but hey clearly this team member didn't mind even admitting to the same crime. But it soon turns into a case of the pot calling the kettle black.
Enjoy this action packed comedy as Hotoru and team Toy Gun Gun take on the ranks of survival games on the way to be The best team out there while she hides being a girl as team Toy Gun Gun had a strict policy of NO GIRLS, enjoy the rivals that appear from the side and know more about Hotoru then her own team Wanna read this right now click below for a direct link to start reading now Comment below what you think of this series and if you do choose to read it tell me what you think not your style? luckily for you our wonderfilled mod team has more tantalizing mangas to showcase you are you looking for something more Mainstream check out @CreeTheOtaku Action packed adventure @Captpeter Blossoming love and harems @BlackoutZJ Borderline echhi @KillerJugglo38 Gruesome horror @AshChrimson Slice of life @Lovelywhite13
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interesting manga. I'll have to check it out
Chapter 37 was bae :3 Also, I believe that animes like this uaually don't get a second season @AloraGrimm
@vmilla1 good news for you this is the year where there is supposed to have a second season they haven't yet said what time if year but I am eagerly waiting for the announcement I'll be sure to tag you again when I learn more details but tell me what do you absolutely love about this manga anime series
I've watched the anime and i am waiting them to update this managa on zingbox so I can read it! I love this manga a lot and I wished they came out with a second season of it but I guess it wasn't that popular 😢