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Over the years, I've considered the idea of gifting myself a promise ring. Before anyone decides to hop down my throat, I know promise rings are usually associated with someone else gifting you with one, but hear me out right. I've been in one and only one relationship my entire twenty five, almost twenty six years of life. Don't get wrong, I've talked to potentials who turned out to be frogs who simply couldn't turn into a prince. My relationship wasn't the best, but it taught me so much about myself, life and love in general. I've learned that you must truly love yourself in order for someone else to truly love you. I've learned that some parts of you aren't meant to be shared with someone else until further notice.
The idea of gifting myself with a promise ring isn't to rush the idea of someday getting engaged and married, but it's to remind myself that I come first. It's to remind myself that if I don't love myself first, that guy I'm falling for won't be able to follow suit. It's to remind me that I'm worth more than rubies and I'm valuable. Although a material possession can't truly signify those things, it's a reminder that every time I look down at my hand -- I will remember, I'm a diamond. I love myself so much that I want to gift myself with a promise that I will choose to love myself and continue to love myself before allowing anyone else to try and do the same. When they see the amazing relationship I have for the woman I was created to be, they will want to share that love -- or we shall see.

Ladies, would you gift yourself with a promise ring?

Wow!!! I love that! Standing strong 馃憣馃徑馃 @petname83
I bought myself a promise ring when I was 18. I haven't broken up with me yet
That's a cute idea
I love it!! and I love the fact that you're still holding on to it and wearing it. definitely don't discard it, until you get that wedding ring haha :) @101ZeldaQueen
I have my own version, a real Ruby (my Birth Stone), got it when I was 13 so it's coming up on 5 years lol it has seen 3 relationships, but I never once discarded it for anything else, because I have not yet been offered! 馃槀馃槀
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