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In regards to food, presentation is everything.
Sonic knows this, and has decided to switch their style up in an effort to lure in new fans.
Today they announced a new offering called square shakes.
The symmetrical shakes were created in collaboration with Instagram celebrity chef Jacques la Merde, aka Christine Flynn, executive chef for Toronto’s iQ Food Co. Flavor options include vanilla bean, buttered toffee, dark chocolate, bourbon brown sugar, dulce de leche, and wildberry & lavender.
There are a couple hurdles you will have to cross in order to enjoy a square shake. The first is that they can only be ordered through Instagram. They’re also only a limited-time-only offering for anyone attending Coachella on April 16!
So I guess only our fellow Vinglers who attend Coachella will get to enjoy this one. Good luck!
This is the only place Death the Kid will ever eat.
Oh man, if they're priced anything like normal Coachella food, they're going to be SUPER expensive...
They sound so tasty! Haha you can leave the square glass just give me the recipe!