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If you haven't heard of it by now, SUPERHOT is a first-person shooter on Steam with the unique mechanic of having time only move when the player does. This makes for a lot of interesting maneuvering, as bullets and enemies slow and stop as you do.
The game has gotten a lot of love from basically everyone who's played it, praising this new twist on the old bullet time mechanic.
This mechanic raises some interesting questions and dilemmas. Luckily, the people over at Rocket Jump have taken the liberty of showing us how this power over time would play out in real life.

Here's the video. It's awesome.

The best thing about this video to me is the way they acknowledge how this power would impact the whole world and not just the guy with the power. Time is a governing force everywhere, so tying the motion of time to one person is really pretty bonkers on a practical scale.
Imagine being mid-pancake flip like the hero's BFF, completely aware that time has stopped and being frustratingly unable to do anything about it. Imagine being mid-pee.
This video does a great job of showcasing how funny this particular power could be if imagine in real life.
After watching it, though, now I want to go deeper. If the hero goes to sleep and is a mostly still sleeper, does that mean that time stops then as well? Days and night would cease having meaning for those who sleep at the same time as this guy. More than that, imagine being on the other side of the world, where 8 hours of your day is frozen with you conscious as the protagonist sleeps.
What about when he dies? Does time resume, no longer bound to him, or does it freeze altogether, for all time?
What do you guys think?
@InVinsybll I haven't been involved in the FEAR fandom whatsoever. I just picked up the game for $2 at a liquidation world. Interesting, but from an outsiders perspective, the game looks a little home made. Graphics aren't very marvelous and the horror/first person shooter makes for some awkward moments where the camera forces you to see something while you're being shot at.
Oh rocket jump, I love those guys. that was awesome. as far the mechanics of the Superhawt power, yeah there's definitely a flaw in their line of reasoning there. obviously that mechanic would have a huge far reaching effect on time in general that wouldn't or couldn't feasibly work. I guess the developers weren't really thinking of that when they made the game, probably just thought it'd be cool. which it sounds pretty neat, but definitely logically flawed. is that gonna ruin the game a bit?
@AlexanderBeta I stopped playing the FEAR games after 2, though I might wind up checking the third one out sometime down the line
Not really bad, but not overwhelmingly good either.
Another game on Steam that makes use of slow motion is F.E.A.R 3. It has a slow mo meter that depletes when you press Q. It's a weird little game that mixes the first person shooter genre and the horror genre together. Odd combination, but the game makes you use your brain in certain levels.