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So, One Piece nakama, I've yet to start this anime, but that won't be true for long, much as my roommate insists he won't let me! (he's afraid I won't let him introduce me to stuff cuz I'll be all "let me finish One Piece first" cuz he thinks I'm an idiot who doesn't know what I'm getting myself into) Anyway, before I take the plunge, I wanna ask the dub vs sub question. I don't tend have much of a preference in general. I like subs because you get the original voices and I assume the translation is more accurate; I like dubs cuz it's just more natural for me, and I usually judge them on a pass/fail basis. The only dub I've tried that earned a failing grade was Akame Ga Kill!; I'm okay if they don't sound exactly like the original voices, but this dub completely ruined the essence of the characters so it was like I wasn't even watching the same show! Just to give you am example of a dub I don't approve of! So basically what I wanna know is whether the dub for One Piece is decent (I know it started with 4 kids, so potential red flag there), or whether I should just not bother with it and go with the sub. Thanks for your help!
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@OtakuDemon10 The Dub is good. In my opinion, the dub is funnier than the subs. You know how Fullmetal alchemist and dragonball Z have good dubs? Well One piece is the same way. I'd say for the experience go with the dub first. It wont hurt since you have to crossover anyway but you will get the best of both worlds. But get ready cuz you have a long adventure ahead of you. See you at the top lol
Go for sub
dubs are purty good on this but you're gonna have to switch to sub eventually so might be best to just start with sub
@OtakuDemon10 I'm probably reiterating what another people has already said, but my personal opinion is this. The Sub is great and does a lot of the over-the-top scenes very well, while the Funimation Dub is great and does the serious and emotional scenes very well. I love both casts, and highly recommend both of them. Which is why after I catch up with the Dub I'm going to rewatch the series in Sub (I know, it sounds completely insane). Both Sub and Dub are great. As a first time watch though, I would recommend Dub so it's a little easier to get emotionally invested. p.s- Please skip the 4Kids Dub. It's complete garbage.
*person Damn typos.