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One Piece Help, Please!

So, One Piece nakama, I've yet to start this anime, but that won't be true for long, much as my roommate insists he won't let me! (he's afraid I won't let him introduce me to stuff cuz I'll be all "let me finish One Piece first" cuz he thinks I'm an idiot who doesn't know what I'm getting myself into) Anyway, before I take the plunge, I wanna ask the dub vs sub question. I don't tend have much of a preference in general. I like subs because you get the original voices and I assume the translation is more accurate; I like dubs cuz it's just more natural for me, and I usually judge them on a pass/fail basis. The only dub I've tried that earned a failing grade was Akame Ga Kill!; I'm okay if they don't sound exactly like the original voices, but this dub completely ruined the essence of the characters so it was like I wasn't even watching the same show! Just to give you am example of a dub I don't approve of! So basically what I wanna know is whether the dub for One Piece is decent (I know it started with 4 kids, so potential red flag there), or whether I should just not bother with it and go with the sub. Thanks for your help!
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I've watched both numerous times. Personally go with subbed if you do plan to watch it and keep up with the current releases. Halfway through the dub isn't caught up so you'd have to switch to sub anyways. Also the subbed have their character sound profiles down perfect! Everyone has a great voice actor. Although the the dubbed is also good on this note as well I suggest sub either way!! The original voice actors do an overall better sounding job and it's a little funnier that way too!! Also btw since your gonna start this anime you should also join the One Piece community if you haven't NAKAMA!! Always dishing out new cards with info and all sorts of stuff!! Either way you'll love OP, it isn't the #1 selling manga of all time with over 320million copies out while second and third are DB with 220 mil and Naruto with over 205-210 mil. So Op is way ahead of the game and is going to go on for a long time. Enjoy the world of One Piece NAKAMA!! Let me know what you think after you've started and what you choose aid or dub!! @ChrisStephens thanks for the tag NAKAMA!!
@koifries @InVinsybll That's what I was thinking. I'll probably progress faster dubbed, but I didn't wanna deal with it if it sucks. Plus you can never go wrong with subs! Thanks for your input!
I say subs are better, basically for everything in OP
the dub I found was grate and it was not censored but I would go with the sub because you will be about 300 deep in this and your out of dubed well that's what happend to me I am now up to date and the wait is killing me and I have watched to twice and the second time I went with the sub and I was more satisfied with it over the long run
@LuffyNewman I'm gonna wait till I'm a few eps in, but I'm definitely excited to join the community and get in on the fun!
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