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When you awoke, you could hardly remember anything that had happened. Truthfully, it had all felt like a dream but the memories began flooding back to you and all at once, somehow making your already aching head hurt even more. You could remember Jimin taking you to Yoongi and then freeing you (just to confuse your feelings for him even more), and then trying to escape, only to bump into those two unfamiliar men who had knocked you out once more. Realizing that you had been caught by someone else, and feeling no more than like a ragdoll being thrown around, you threw your head back and groaned. It would be understandable if you were scared or afraid but you were neither. If anything, you were annoyed more so with yourself for not telling Jin or IU where you were going when you last left. If they cared enough to come find you, they wouldnt know where to start looking and so you were sure you were on your own to try and escape wherever you were if they didnt kill you first. Its nice to see youre finally awake. You jerked to your left to find the source of the voice and realized you were strapped down to yet another chair in what looked like an empty warehouse. The source of the voice was the man in a leather jacket who had knocked you out earlier, with the other man (and his friend, you assumed) standing beside him. You flashed him a sarcastic smirk, leaning back in the chair. Sorry, You murmured. Was I asleep long? Ill make sure to make a better entrance next time but I guess you were eager to see me today. Who wouldnt be eager to see you? The other man asked, and then added, in a condescending voice, Y/L/Ns princess. You know, a lot of people are out for your pretty little head. You quirked an eyebrow, looking at him in amusement. It would take more than that to scare you. Maybe you had spoken out loud or maybe they could see the look on your face because then the two men were exchanging looks and one of the men moved towards you, his grip tightening around the object in his hand: a dagger. Shes got quite the mouth on her, huh, Taehyung? The man asked. I think we should teach her a lesson. Good idea, hyung, The man, Taehyung, snickered. The other stopped right in front of you. He snatched onto your jaw and forced you to look at him, his fingers digging roughly into your skin, before raising the blade in his hand and pressing the flat cool metal against your temple. He was studying you carefully, as if trying to decide which side he wanted to ruin first. Who are you? You asked begrudgingly. What do you want with me? Ah, Taehyung hummed. Now shes nervous. Your eyes narrowed into a glare before you felt the sharp sting of the blade pressing against your skin, drawing blood, and making you wince. The man pressed the tip of the blade harder against the skin just above your cheekbone, a small grin on his face. You jerked your head in his grip, trying to get a good look at Taehyung. Guess again, pretty boy, You hissed through clenched teeth. The man in front of you held your face firmly, bringing you back to face him, and slowly dragging the blade down the side of your face, making you bite down onto your tongue. See, he said, we need your father to cooperate with us and he wont listen unless we have something dear to him meaning youre our closest bet. But it would appear shes just as annoyingly stubborn as her father, Taehyung said. Not that she has a choice now. Youre stuck with us, love, so you better cooperate or else. His open ended threat made you frown. I wouldnt be much use to you dead, would I? You challenged. Well, we dont really need you, The other man admitted. We could kill you right now and get your father to work with us but we just want to have a little fun with you before we do kill you. He pressed the blade harder against you and you bit back your cries. You sucked in a breath, trying to focus your attention away from the pain, and noticing Taehyung as he crept toward you. My father wont work with you if he knows Im dead, You forced yourself to speak. We never said we would let him know first, he replied. So then kill me already! You barked. I dont care! Wheres the fun in that, love? Taehyung asked, stopping to stand on your right side. He reached up to gently brush your hair away from your neck, his fingers ghosting against your neck. He leaned down to press his lips against the skin just under your ear and murmured, We plan on taking turns with you. You involuntarily felt a shudder run down your spine that made you lean away from his grip only to end up moving closer to the other man and press further into the blade. You yelped at the sudden pain again, unable to stop yourself from the overwhelming urge as you felt the blood trickle down your cheek. What the hell are you two doing?
The three of you froze in your spots and the two men turned around so you could all see who had just spoken. A boy around your age stood a few feet away, a stern look on his face. He was dressed in all black safe for the unbuttoned blue plaid shirt he was wearing. He had shaggy dark hair that fell across his forehead in soft locks and big doe-like eyes that were adorned with a heavy sleep deprived haze. What intrigued you the most about the boy was how familiar he looked and the sense of small relief you received when you lay eyes on him but you couldnt quite decipher why. Upon seeing the newcomer, Taehyung froze in his spot and took a step back from you and, while the other man did drop the knife from your face, he was staring at the younger boy with raised eyebrows. How about you let the grownups deal with her, okay? he asked. The boy frowned, his eyes flickering down to you and then back to the man. You had strict orders from my father to not hurt her. You fidgeted anxiously in your seat. It didnt matter what their orders were, you figured they would try testing you as much as they could and especially when this boy left. So, wanting nothing more than to just be over with the inevitable pain, you couldnt help but speak up to say, Screw off! Just fucking do whatever you want to me already and get it over with! The man exchanged looks with Taehyung, both of them smirking, before the smug looks were instantly wiped from their faces when someone else entered the room behind the boy in the plaid shirt. It was an older man who bared some resemblance to the boy in the blue and wore a tailored suit. Hoseok, Taehyung! he barked. You better listen to Jungkook I didnt tell you to not touch her for no damn reason. Your eyes darted between the three boys, deciphering that the man with the knife had been (as the older man had referred to him), Hoseok, and the boy who had told them to stop was Jungkook. Hoseok looked at the older man, a look of disbelief on his face. But boss, you hate her father- And bygones will be bygones, The older man said. But she is still young and I dont have any problem with her. Shes killed men twice her size with her own hands, Hoseok said in protest as if he had never done the same thing before. We do what we have to do to survive, he replied calmly. Now get out of here. Hoseoks jaw clenched and you could tell he was fuming with anger even as he grudgingly walked away. When he was gone, the older man turned to you and nodded toward Taehyung who instantly started working at untying your binds around your wrists. Sorry, dear, The man said, but we still need you with us. We wont hurt you if you cooperate with us, okay? Taehyung, show her to her room and if I find out you or Hoseok tried harming her again, Ill make sure you receive the exact same. Taehyung nodded firmly and you were quick to realize that the older man was most likely their boss. Taehyung grabbed onto your upper arm and then he was hoisting you to your feet and dragging you with him. You craned your neck to look back at the boy in plaid and found him already staring after you. Just before Taehyung yanked you away and before the older man caught the boys attention, you noticed what was around his neck: a thin silver chain with military tags.
Taehyung had brought you to a big mansion behind the warehouse and showed you to a large room that was barren but comfortable looking. He left you there without saying a word and then left, locking the door behind him as he went. They were no idiots. When you had suspected the room to be completely barren, you were right. There was nothing you could use to try to escape and, when you peeked through the keyhole of the door and the cracks around it, you could spot one or two men always patrolling the halls right in front of your door. The window was even bolted shut but it at least gave you a clear view of what time of day it was after having been trapped in the dark for so long. You assumed three days had passed since Jimin first took you but, for all you knew, it had been longer (or even shorter) than that. This time, though, you knew how long you had been stuck in that room since you were able to see outside. Two days had passed two long days that was full of you staring out the window, sitting on the floor, and thinking about an escape route. They brought you food and a change of clothes and there was even a bathroom attached to the bedroom with a shower but you refused to accept any of their commodities. The most you did was clean the cut on your face that had already started to heal over. Being alone at least gave you some time to think. Hoseok had said to the older man that he hated your father. You knew that there were a lot of people who hated one another in this business but, for some reason, you had a strong feeling that the people who had taken you were the Jeons. You didnt know what they wanted with you if anything. Hoseok and Taehyung had said that they only needed you to get your father to cooperate with them and that they technically didnt need you alive. Should you have believed them? You didnt know and you were more concerned with trying to escape than anything else. You fell asleep that night with your mind whirring, where your dreams were plagued with an all too familiar nightmare that had once been a reality. In this dream, you were ten again and had been captured by yet another gang that had been trying to send a message to your father. They had tortured you brutally, leaving noticeable and less noticeable scars on you. The thick and ugly scar on your upper thigh that acted as a daily reminder of your time there and the fact that you had lived was a noticeable scar; the dreams and nightmares were less noticeable scars. You tried to forget most of your time there and your brain did it almost willingly without you having to tell it so. What you did remember was being left behind, half-dead, when the gang didnt find you useful anymore only to be found by someone who brought you back to your father but left before your father could figure out who it was. So, since then, your father had been adamant that you learn how to defend yourself, turning you into the person that you are now, and leaving in forever in debt to that mysterious someone who rescued you a decade ago. You had these nightmares often (most of which ended with you never escaping the clutches of the gang) and more so when you were younger but they always left you the same way. You would wake with a start, shaking uncontrollably, tears prickling your eyes. This time was no different. You had been murmuring in your sleep, crying out every now and then, and Jungkook had been the one guarding your door that night. He heard your fussing on the other side of the door and couldnt help himself but to unlock it and enter your room where you were sprawled out on the bed, tossing and turning, your eyes shut tightly. When you woke up this time, it was because Jungkook had been gently nudging you, sitting on the edge of the bed near your sleeping figure. You still woke with a start, crying out suddenly and sitting up hurriedly only to clamp a hand around your mouth when you saw the boy sitting in front of you and looking at you in concern. You couldnt help but search for comfort from someone, anyone, and ended up throwing yourself against Jungkook, burrowing your face in his chest to try and muffle your panting breath, calm your racing heart, and conceal the tears that clouded your vision. Jungkook tensed up beside you but his arms instinctively wound their way around your back. He didnt know why he seemed to care so much about your dishevelled figure but he did. Whoa, whoa, hey, he said. Whats wrong? What happened? You shook your head, refusing to speak out of fear that your voice would give away just how shaken up you were. You could see that it was still dark out but it was in the time of day where the sun was about to rise, making the sky a faded dark blue. Its okay, he said. We dont have to talk if you dont want to. Is that okay? You nodded timidly, burying your face deeper into his chest and listening to his steady heartbeat that seemed to calm you down. Was it a nightmare? he asked. You nodded again and, somehow, found your voice to speak. It happens often. And so does this. Your voice was a whisper and almost inaudible to Jungkook but he was paying close attention. Maybe he wanted to help you because he found you interesting that had to be it. This? he asked. I freak out, You replied sheepishly. I cry and shake it makes me look pretty weak, huh? Jungkook shook his head as you pulled back to look at him. It doesnt, Jungkook said. Everyone has nightmares. It just makes us human. But I feel like Im supposed to be something more something greater, You said. I cant just be a weak girl if Im in this business. Dont you feel the same? That man hes your father, right? Jungkook nodded. Of course I do, sometimes, he said. I feel like I have to live up to our family name or else Ill disappoint everyone even myself. Thats how I feel, too, You whispered, your fingers absentmindedly toying with the material of his shirt. Hey, look, Jungkook said. Ive got a tip for you, okay? Whenever this happens again, and youre freaking out, just look around the room and find the first five items near you. Pay attention to them, look at their shape and their colour, and youll find yourself calming down. You nodded slowly, studying his face carefully. Why are you even helping me right now? Arent I technically your prisoner? You dont even know my name. I do, Jungkook said. Your names Y/N, right? Im Jungkook Jeon Jungkook. A warm smile formed on your face as Jungkooks eyes locked with yours. In the next second, you were leaning forward, pressing your lips delicately to his and stunning him. He was unyielding, feeling your mouth move against his, and before he could get too comfortable, you were pushing him over, crawling on top of him and straddling his hips. He was still too shocked, too caught up in the way your mouths moved together, that he didnt realize you had grabbed the gun tucked behind the belt on his pants until he heard the sound of the gun cocking and the barrel staring him in the face as you pulled back from him. You know, You hummed, youre not that bad of a kisser. Jungkook frowned suddenly, looking up at you in disbelief. Had your whole conversation just been an act? As he stared at you still straddling his hips with the loaded gun aimed at him, he chuckled darkly. That was clever, he said, leaning up on his elbows. Ill admit Im impressed. Now, if you dont mind, You said, I think its time I go so if you could help me out of here before I pull this trigger than that would be greatly appreciated. Jungkook sighed, a devious grin still tugging at his lips as he sat all the way up until his chest was pressed against yours. He noticed your grip on the gun wavered even when he leaned down to your neck, his lips and nose brushing against your delicate skin there. Beautiful but lethal, he mumbled. I was right. Your eyes narrowed into a glare as you tried to solve his words. You could instantly remember hearing the exact same thing from the masked man at the masquerade ball and realized that man was the same man in front of you. You looked at him in disbelief and gasped when you felt him press his lips against your neck. Despite having been content with pulling the trigger on him a few short seconds ago, now you were smirking as his tongue grazed your skin, enjoying the fact that this was the same man you had met and gotten along with a few nights ago. Its you, You said, tainting the air with a light laugh. This was a surprise.
He smirked and then his arms were winding around your waist and he was pulling you closer to him before flipping you both over so that you landed on the bed on your back with a bounce. Jungkooks mouth never left your neck, but his hands unravelled from you to dance along your sides and land back on your hips. You shivered at his touch, sighing at the way he felt against you and your grip tightening on the gun. Just before it was about to fall from your clutch, Jungkook grabbed onto it and held the loaded barrel up to your chin. You werent surprised by his sudden action but it did make you chuckle, even if he was still leaving lovebites along your neck. Never let yourself get distracted, babe, he whispered. Thats where you messed up. Jungkook, I know its hard but can you try not to sleep with every woman under the sun? You and Jungkook pulled apart instantly to look at the door where Taehyung was standing, leaning casually against the frame. Now that was entertaining, Taehyung grinned. But Im sorry I had to cut your session short. Jungkook sat up and got to his feet, frowning at Taehyung, as you pushed yourself up into a sitting position. You eyed the open door and the gun in Jungkooks hand but then Jungkook was grabbing onto your shoulder, holding you in place. What do you want? he asked. Youre needed, Taehyung replied. Your fathers looking for you. Got it, Jungkook said, walking forward and past Taehyung. Keep an eye on her. Not so fast, golden boy, Taehyung said, stopping the younger man by putting a hand on his shoulder. He requested that she come along with us. Jungkook paused and spun around his heel, staring at you with uncertainty. Why? he asked. Taehyung shrugged, his mischievous smirk still pulling at his lips. Because were going to need her help.
I don't blame her for getting caught up in the kiss and letting her guard
@MrsChanyeol you always got the best replies! Aaahhh I love this! When will they realise they have known each other since they were young!
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I swear I thought she was going to accidentally shoot when he distracted her because I probably would out of instinct.😥
I had to keep stoping to silently scream out of to many feels 😆😆😆
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