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Yall know I started all fucking late on the Nakama Campfire so when I did this I didn't realize this was the day 5 prompt. I didn't think if fair for me to make another so I edited this one, I hope that's savvy. @InVinsybll Hey everybody! I've seen @hikaymm Waifu Wednesdays posts for a little while, read the cards and some comments, and to me it seems like everyone has a good time. I've always been reluctant to like, pick any "waifus" because I imagine one day trying to explain what exactly a waifu means or what it means to me to a real life lover and it like, inhibiting our relationship some how. that sounds dumb typing it, but I hope you guys understand. I guess if I couldn't get that hypothetical girl to understand where I was coming from she might not be right for me. also, I'm like a hopeless romantic and I don't like the idea of polyamourous relationships. I get this is all hypothetical for fun fantasy, but my real life desires influence my like if I were to pick multiple waifus, I'd feel like it would sully connections to any others, and real life connections. I don't think that's actually completely true, it's a feeling I've had, which has lead me to be reluctant in expressing myself. anyway I'm kinda getting off track here. you all have fun, don't make anyone feel bad for expressing how they feel, and I like that. so I want to be a part of it. so without further ado, here is my first ever Waifu Wednesdays card:
I'm glad I started with the non-human edition, just because it's much more fantastic and imaginative than just picking a human girl. So for my first ever waifu, and not just card but literally the first girl I've ever made that claim on, I pick:
The absolutely beautiful, commanding, and powerhouse Krul Tepes, queen of the vampires in Owari no Seraph, 3rd progenitor of the vampire race, and my absolute favorite vampire girl.
I've only seen up to through the 1st season of Owari no Seraph, and she wasn't very well highlighted, which makes her more mysterious in my eyes. So I actually don't know a whole lot about her. I know she's cold and calculating, she has an affection towards Mika, and made him a vampire, she hates the affections Farid gives her(thank the gods I hate that prick) and even cut off his arm when he went to far with his disrespect. I don't think she likes humans, which isn't good for me, but I'd let her make me a vampire and I'd devote my whole life to her, to protecting her, and making her ambitions come to fruition. if she told me she'd make me a vampire if I helped her exterminate all the rest of humanity, um, sorry everyone but that's just what I would do. Her last name is Tepes, which was the the last name of Vlad the Impaler, the 16th century Walchallian prince said to be the real life counterpart to non other than Dracula himself. so I'm assuming she's a descendant of Dracula which is awesome. she's got long, lovely, flowing pink hair, beautiful red eyes, and a young and small physique. which is a favorite body type of mine. I know it might be creepy to an outdider, but we nakama understand why attraction to lolis isn't disgusting, or I hope so anyway. her outfit drives me wild, especially her boots, and in the opening credits she does some ballerina spinning and dancing, which mesmerized me every time I see her. Also, a plus, nobody else has selected her, which makes her all mine and that's good because I don't like other people trying to lay claims and touch women I love.. So, my first ever waifu. and I will not be building a harem, just saying. I'm not into that, I'm a one at a time kinda guy, right now it's just the queen and I. hope yall enjoyed my entry.
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@SAMURXAI for sure bro we're all the same here you can open up without fear of being judged ☺️
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@NikolasSatterwh thanks man that's good to know. you just can't always be that open with everyone, without coming of as some kinda perv or weirdo. and it's not, quite like that. we have these feels for a damn reason. girls are wonderful, and beautiful, and yes the same goes for drawn unreal girls too. sometimes, those drawn girls are more real than the plastic girls in this reality are..
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@SAMURXAI I absolutely agree with that. We can appreciate them and no one can say otherwise
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Glad you're trying it!!! It's also cool cause everyone can have different ideas of what waifu is or means or whatever you know? so no need to worry about it being different form what you want ^-^ For me its just a fun way to highlight best girl, haha, nothing more than that :)
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@hikaymm that's a good way to sum it up, your favorite girl, the one that resonated most with you. I suppose my reluctance comes from the fact that I do grow somewhat emotionally attached to characters, and trying to explain how I can "love" someone that isn't real or comes from a show that's heavy on sexualization to someone not otaku. but how that "love" is noninhibiting to real life, seems like it would be perceived as wrong to some. I think that's just, unnecessary on my end to think of such things. and honestly if some future love interest of mine would be so petty and insecure she'd feel threatened by such a thing as an anime girl I think is pretty and a wonderful character, we'd be no good for one another I reckon lol..I'd rather a girl who had some waifus or husbandos herself lol. I mean, even I get a little flustered when Gray takes off his shirt lop
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