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Remember that cool browser and mobile compatible 3D Zelda remake I shared with you guys a couple of days ago? It looks like they've just been asked to take it off the Internet by Nintendo. It's one of the biggest bummers to ever had happened but it's something that you really, well, have to expect when it comes to remakes like these. And they announced the news on their Facebook page (I took a screenshot of the news and you can check it out below).
It's kind of a bummer to see this happen time and time again but I think at this point it becomes an obvious ending to all the projects like these. Whether it's an Unreal Engine or Unity, if you're remaking a popular/famous video game, you'll probably get hit with a Cease and Desist.
The one thing that I hope is that they end up creating a game of their own using the same mechanics and art-style. I honestly love the way the isometric camera angle works with the 2D-adapted-to-3D thing. It's like a match made in heaven. And if they were able to create 3 dungeons from Legend of Zelda imagine what they could do if they had complete freedom over the project.
I really hope that they make something of their own eventually, so I'll be keeping up with them. I'm tagging all my video game buds, too, just 'cause I don't want to be the only one crying about this news.
Dude that's a fucking bummer...I didn't get a chance to play it and totally intended too. I really wanted them to finish..why couldn't Nintendo like, be chill? the dudes weren't selling it or making money off of it. so what's the problem? they gave Nintendo all the credit, they were kinda helping them in a way, getting people reinterested in a game that many haven't played in years, in a art style a younger gen could get behind. I think that was a real douchenozzle move Nintendo
I'm sad now.... :(
@SAMURXAI I sort of agree. I know Nintendo has every right to do what they did, but sometimes companies just get to up tight and tense, especially the bigger ones. Once I'm rich and famous, I will honestly not care who rips off my games. 😆 I love playing parody games, or cheapo ones that are almost the same. It's funny...
Yeah you're Def right, Nintendo didn't like, do anything they didn't have legal rights to do, but it would have shown them to be way more chill and empathetic had they allowed those guys to keep doing it. I mean if they were trying to make money, he'll yeah shut em down Nintendo but it was a tribute, a monument to them and they just said fuck you guys