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Well they doing it again. KCON 2nd Artist Week Guessing Hunt begins. Who will they hit this week? SHINee? GFriend? 1st Hint: A smile on the hand? What can that mean? Source: KCON USA SnapChat
Hint #2: Spanish Talk The guy was saying in the video: It has Guacamole, Rice, Tomato and Carne. And it's Delicious Maybe....Gfriend? Who knows
Hint #3: Dog Woof Woof? Any ideas at all?
HINT #4: Mailing Some Letters I'm stumped. You?
HINT #5: Well it doesn't look like a hint but that means LA will be announced this time
HINT #6 Hugging and Angelic
HINT #7: 2025 May 9th 2025 is the 9th Anniversary of........?
HINT #8: Tall Birthday, Aqua Colored Line Who's Birthday is on April 8th 1990?
KCON 1ST ARTIST PREDICTION Based on KKT, Twitter, and our own observations so far, we conclude Hint #1: Who Knows Hint #2: Spanish: Eric Nam at the Dog Cafe; speaks Spanish Hint #3: Either SHINee's Woof Woof or Eric Nam's Dog Cafe Hint #4: Love Letter (SHINee) Hint #5: Los Angeles Artist Announcement? Hint #6: Eric Nam's Heaven Song Hint #7: 2025 May 9th Marks SHINee's 9th anniversary Hint #8: Tall Birthday: SHINee's Color Line Aquamarine for SHAWOLs and Jonghyun's Birthday is April 8th in Korea What are your conclusions? Source: KKT Friends, K-FAM