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There's something about all of these physics based puzzle-y games that really get me. I mean, I'm not really good at puzzle games in general but I love when they're a little weird and silly so I can find some other ways to enjoy it.
Human Fall Flat looks like it does exactly that. It doesn't look like it takes itself seriously at all and I think that's what makes this game so appealing. One of the things that gets me really pumped about indie games are the ones that are comfortable with making jokes about themselves.
And by simply designing the game to work this way, it looks like the developers probably had a bunch of fun making this game.
The game doesn't come out until the summer time so we have a little bit of time to wait. But I've got to say, after watching the trailer I don't think that I'll ever beat this game. It'll be one that I'll end up trying to throw everything around and maybe even flinging around that player character a couple of times.
It's one of those games I'll put on when I have friends over while we drink a couple of beers and see who can do the dumbest thing in the game. It's perfect for that kind of experience/hang out. It's an easy way to get a laugh.
Any of you guys think you'll try this one out? Or will you just watch all the YouTube videos that'll end up surfacing after the game comes out?
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I love indie games but this seems a bit silly lol